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  • 5 Must-Haves in an Interface Engine for Every Solution Provider
    As a solution provider - time is money. Implementation and production delays can make the difference between a profit and loss. The faster you can get your product or service integrated with customer systems and/or generate transaction fees, the better your bottom line. How does your integration engine stack up?
  • API Automation Accelerated with PilotFish's New API XL Functionality
    PilotFish's integration engine uses API XL. API XL is an XML evaluation and execution system for making complex HTTP web calls. Great for RESTful APIs.
  • APIs - The Magic Bullet for Healthcare Interoperability?
    While APIs work well for enabling healthcare interoperability, APIs are also extremely useful for facilitating data sharing between diverse systems and applications. Not only for accessing data, from an EHR system for example, but also for adding data to a system or EHR, or for a bi-directional data exchange.
  • Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration to Exhibit at HiMSS in Orlando
    Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration will be presenting its flagship products, the eiPlatform interface engine and the eiConsole for Healthcare interface engine IDE at HiMSS14 in Orlando, Florida. Visitors are invited to take a test drive or watch a demo of the eiConsole for Healthcare in action.
  • Automated Interface Assembly Line in Healthcare Integration by PilotFish
    Lightning fast integration in action with PilotFish’s Automated Interface Assembly Line Kick over barriers with a true platform, operating system, application server, and database agnostic solution. Integration is on FHIR with our fully implemented FHIR support!
  • Best EDI X12 Integration Tool for All Your Interface Needs by PilotFish
    The eiConsole for EDI X12 delivers parsing, validating, mapping & producing HIPAA EDI X12 files without all the usual complexity. See what we can do!
  • Best-Practice Mobile Medication Management System Delivered
    TouchPoint’s solutions at Fiona Stanley Hospital include the AccessRx MD Mobile Medication Management System, powered by the PilotFish HL7 Interface Engine. This system is designed from the bottom up to be scalable, easy to service and highly adaptable to future technology upgrades.
  • Briggs Partners with PilotFish Providing Interoperability for EMRs
    By combining eBriggs electronic forms with the PilotFish interface engine, eBriggs now offers its customers a lightweight, flexible means to integrate forms data and clinical documentation with EMRs and other systems and processes.
  • Don't Love Your Interface Engine, But Too Committed to Leave It?
    You can have it all. The union of Modern and Legacy Interface Engines! Interface engines are, after all, Middleware. Middleware solves the problem of lack of interoperability. HL7 3.x, CDA, and FHIR or connectivity protocols like Web Services, JSON, HTTP, and REST-ful are No Problem! Take a Look!
  • Don't Think Middleware is Sexy? Healthcare Integration is Hot!
    With middleware, data flows smoothly between existing systems and software to systems, applications, devices, medical equipment and cloud solutions. It marries the disparate, new and legacy systems everywhere in healthcare.
  • DSS Partners with PilotFish Delivering Seamless EHR Interoperability, Fast
    DSS, Inc. announces a partnership with PilotFish, Inc. the developer & distributor of the PilotFish Interface Engine solutions. The partnership allows DSS to deliver a full suite of solutions for seamless interoperability in acute care, behavioral health and population health with its Juno EHR.
  • EHR Systems & Lack of Central Reporting Shows Need for Integration
    A first step in ensuring patient safety is mandating reporting of all adverse effects to a central database. Once which EHR systems have the most adverse events can be tracked, root causes can be identified and solutions investigated and instituted.
  • Gamma-Dynacare Licenses PilotFish eiTestBed for Healthcare Integration
    PilotFish, a provider of middleware solutions, announced today that Gamma-Dynacare Medical Laboratories has licensed the eiTestBed for Healthcare Integration. The eiTestBed, a cloud-based app, provides all of the resources required to establish an information exchange. It comes with a fully automated testing facility.
  • Healthcare Integration - 4 Core Principles To Do Integration Right
    Moving healthcare integration forward has to be affordable in order to become ubiquitous. By leveraging Open APIs, open standards, and protocols, we can eliminate outrageous usage fees, access fees, and licenses that currently have a stranglehold on the industry.
  • Healthcare Integration – 4 Core Principles to Do It Right!
    It is important that an Integration Engine be agnostic as to the type, scale, platform, and storage location of the data. Being agnostic in healthcare gets us much closer to an interoperable world. Clearly, processing logic and data handling should be platform independent.
  • Healthcare Interoperability & Modularity Allow Flexible EHR Connections
    Point-to-point interfaces are anything but flexible. Allowing any vendor system to connect to any EHR via loose coupling allows leveraging of the latest and best technology. Feel free to contact PilotFish about how Middleware can solve your Healthcare Interoperability challenges.
  • Healthcare Interoperability Seekers & Healthcare Integration Middleware
    PilotFish offers a full Life Cycle for Interface Development. This End-to-End Healthcare Integration solution provides stakeholders with everything they need to integrate Anything with Anything. Its open system architecture natively fosters Healthcare Interoperability.
  • Healthcare IT & Freeing the Power of Truly Informed Consumers
    Everyone agrees that transparency in healthcare pricing and consumer choice is critical. Everyone also agrees the healthcare industry falls far short of truly informing and empowering consumers to make healthcare choices based on competitive prices and quality of outcomes. Progress has been painfully slow.
  • Here an API, there an API, where an API? Will FHIR Dominate?
    Interoperability, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR) - HL7’s promising standards-based open API - are ubiquitous in healthcare conversations, but not so much in healthcare organizations.  
  • Incentives and Value in the Quest to Lower Healthcare Costs
    If your organization needs to work with a lot of healthcare data and disparate systems, PilotFish solutions can help you aggregate and transform data from whatever format the sending system provides the data into whatever format the receiving system may require.
  • Industry Roundtable Webinar: Internet of Medical Things
    You are invited to learn about using the Internet of Things. We will explore how the role of medical device manufacturers will evolve, what technologies are needed to make IoT easier and more valuable in healthcare, and evolving opportunities for diagnostic equipment, healthcare applications, and cloud solutions.
  • Integration Engine Solution Powers UHIN Health Claims Processing
    Utah Health Information Network (UHIN) has selected PilotFish's Healthcare Integration Middleware as an integral component of its Health Claims Processing. UHIN serves as both a clearinghouse for healthcare claims data and a Health Information Exchange (HIE) for the coordination of clinical data.
  • Integration Software EOL - Blessing in Disguise or a Curse?
    Leverage robust solutions to enable data integration between any and all systems, applications, databases, operating systems and platforms.
  • Metro Bundles PilotFish Integration Software with MedDispense System
    Metro acquires the right to bundle PilotFish integration products with their MedDispense Automated Dispensing System and other technology-enabled products to facilitate flexible HL7 integration between their equipment and provider health information systems worldwide.
  • Middleware Solutions & Interface Engines Provide Flexibility for EHR Data
    The behemoth EHR systems that dominate the market today, for the most part, are built on legacy technology or legacy systems that make accessing the data harder and not inherently interoperable. But middleware, like what PilotFish and other vendors provide, solves the problem of making the data usable by other systems.
  • Morrison Healthcare Powered by PilotFish Interface Engine
    PilotFish, a leader in healthcare integration solutions, announced that Morrison Healthcare has gone into production with its MyDining application in multiple hospitals. Physician diet orders that are maintained on-premise in hospital information systems (HIS) must be transmitted to the cloud-based MyDining platform.
  • Moving Beyond the RFP for Selecting the Best HL7 Interface Engine
    Proof of Concept (POC) Bake-offs that are structured using real-world use cases properly defined with specific requirements outlined and executed by experts in a vendor’s software are a nearly foolproof predictor of a positive outcome and ability to execute going forward.
  • Navigating EHR Integration - PilotFish Webinar Series
    Our configuration over coding approach seemed to meet a need in the marketplace for tools that facilitate rapid interface configuration, increased productivity and allow non-developers to do a significant percentage of interface work. Meet our Integration Engine!
  • Overcoming the Healthcare IT Talent Shortage with PilotFish Middleware
    Technology may hold the key to solving today’s healthcare IT talent shortage. 4 interface engine features that can help alleviate the shortage now. Data mapping without scripting, configuration vs coding, utilizing open APIs & more. PilotFish Middleware can help with all of these issues.
  • PilotFish and the 20 Minute HL7 Interface Engine Test Drive - Try It!
    The company’s eiConsole for Healthcare defies the notion that complex healthcare integration cannot be accomplished without developers and programming or scripting. The eiConsole for Healthcare proves that a user can perform complex integration using the eiConsole’s Graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
  • PilotFish Announces HL7 Enhancements to HL7 Integration Engine
    PilotFish, Inc. announces enhanced HL7 support for its HL7 Interface Engine for Healthcare. Licensed by organizations to support mission-critical systems integration involving sensitive health information, the latest edition of the eiConsole for Healthcare will increase Healthcare Interoperability.
  • PilotFish Announces Medical Device Integration with Smart Devices
    HealthConnect is platform agnostic app that resides on a smart device – integrate medical devices with anything, anywhere, any format connectivity protocol. HealthConnect works with any health/medical device that communicates with a smart device (Apple’s HealthKit or Google’s Android) via USB, WiFi or Bluetooth.
  • PilotFish at HiMSS19 in Orlando - Watch a Demo & Get Free Plush Fish
    PilotFish, back for its 8th year! Live Demos - Tech Experts Available - Interface Engine Solution. Stop by Booth #7461 or Watch a Video Now! HL7, EDI X12...
  • PilotFish Custom Curriculum & Training for Healthcare Integration Engine
    PilotFish, a leading provider of middleware solutions, has developed a modular training program. The program, when augmented with a few additional client-specific training modules, enables complete self-service training by clients, reducing their costs and speeding up staff training.
  • PilotFish Demos Healthcare Integration Middleware at HiMMS
    The eiConsole & eiTestBed Middleware for Healthcare Integration fill a gap in the healthcare integration space – enabling seamless interoperability. Visitors watched how quickly an interface is configured in the eiConsole using an Assembly Line process and the graphical IDE. Interfaces are configured not scripted!
  • PilotFish Draws Crowd at HiMSS with FHIR Integration Engine Support
    Previewed at HiMSS was PilotFish’s new support for FHIR. FHIR,’s healthcare standard, joins the long list of PilotFish supported standards. These include HL7 2.x, HL7 3.x, XML, DICOM, CCD/CDA, EDI and CSV, among others.
  • PilotFish Enhances Support for LDAP in its Healthcare Integration Engine
    PilotFish, a leading provider of middleware solutions, announced today that it has added enhanced support for the LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) to its HL7 Interface Engine – the eiConsole for Healthcare.
  • PilotFish FHIR Support in Integration Engine Software
    PilotFish's support for FHIR includes enhancing PilotFish's Data Mapper to include a FHIR format reader, permitting the drag & drop mapping of FHIR documents. The Data Mapper will display not only the XML-based FHIR schema, but the documentation associated with the data elements. FHIR extensions are also validated.
  • PilotFish Integration Expedites CrotHhall Healthcare Processes
    PilotFish's Integration Engine solution licensed by Crothall Healthcare. The PilotFish solution will allow Crothall to reduce hospital operating costs, increase patient throughput, improve patient experience, and support clinical staff.
  • PilotFish Joins Allscripts Developer Program to Aid Rapid Interoperability
    Announcing that Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration (APHI) is now an authorized Allscripts ADP Integrator and member of Allscripts Developer Program. This relationship provides innovative, integrated healthcare IT solutions to the Allscripts connected healthcare community.
  • PilotFish Launches Healthcare Subsidiary to Solve Integration Challenges
    Whether you are a provider of cloud services, software applications, equipment or devices, rapid implementation and integration of your solution is critical to your success. Simplify the configuration of complex healthcare interfaces with PilotFish's Integration Engine.
  • PilotFish Presenting Live Demos at HiMSS18, Booth 8219
    Live demos showing representative client interfaces for EHR, Solution Providers, Revenue Cycle and Medical Equipment Integration and the new eiConsole for X12. Productivity-boosting features that strip away the technical complexity of parsing, validating, mapping and producing EDI X12 files will be demonstrated.
  • PilotFish Software Enhanced for EDI X12 Files - Visit Us at HiMSS18!
    New productivity-boosting features that strip away the technical complexity of parsing, validating, mapping and producing EDI X12 files. Stop by our Booth at HiMSS18 in Las Vegas or contact us directly. We'd love to show you our new software enhancements.
  • PilotFish Software Increases Hospital Productivity at Morrison Healthcare
    PilotFish, a leading provider of Middleware Solutions, Healthcare Integration Engine has been selected by Morrison Healthcare to provide an easier, standardized approach to building and maintaining interfaces. Morrison is the nation’s leading contract food and nutrition service (FNS) serving more than 600 hospitals.
  • PilotFish to Exhibit at HiMSS15 in Chicago - Integration Middleware
    Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration will be exhibiting at Booth #7339 at the annual HiMSS conference in Chicago for the 4th consecutive year. The company will be launching its new mHealth offering, called HealthConnect, and presenting its graphically enhanced eiDashboard and new support for the FHIR standard.
  • PilotFish to Exhibit at HiMSS17 with New Software Features
    PilotFish is back with new features and enhancements that make it even more visual and easy to use, even quicker in configuring interfaces and even more optimized for rapid reuse of interface templates and components.  All in all, PilotFish in 2017 is even faster and more automated in delivering interoperability NOW!
  • PilotFish to Exhibit at the TeleHealth & Remote Patient Monitoring Summit
    See PilotFish's latest offering in Healthcare Integration Engine Solutions. Easily integrate any Apple HealthKit or Android supported medical devices with any system, database or application with our HealthConnect solution. Provide data flow to EHRs, patient care coordination organizations and more.
  • Population Health Solution with SMC & PilotFish Integration Engine
    SMC Partners was able to build a data warehouse as well as establishing reporting analytics using comingled claims and clinical data that the client and its member health centers then benefited from by using PilotFish's integration engine to easily dispatch any interfacing issues and requirements.
  • Rapid EDI X12 Integration with eiConsole for X12 by PilotFish
    With the eiConsole for X12, interfaces are configured in an assembly line fashion via a graphical automated interface assembly line. It provides a consistent means for configuring an interface, no matter how complex or simple or if working with EDI, HL7, CDA, FHIR, XML or some other data format! Free 90-day trial!
  • RCS Partners with PilotFish for Laboratory Claims Processing Productivity
    Revenue Cycle Solutions (RCS) turned to PilotFish as a means for achieving rapid, repeatable automation of their laboratory onboarding and servicing workflow. RCS has quickly attained a tenfold improvement in capacity in one area and a 360% increase in claims processing productivity.
  • Reap the Benefits of Healthcare Interoperability with PilotFish Middleware
    Practical ways middleware can move Healthcare Interoperability forward. 1. Middleware can handle the differences in data formats, varying versions of standards, and incompatibilities of working with extended versions. 2. Middleware can bridge the gap between legacy and new technology. Continue Reading ...
  • RESTful-Based, Real-Time Interface Reporting & Management Dashboard
    PilotFish converts all data to XML, while other systems commonly use relational databases that force the user to predefine business data to store in searchable columns. Users gain the ability to securely search, report, and review any piece of data, from any message, at any time and in real-time.
  • Self-Service B2B Connectivity for Healthcare Stakeholders with PilotFish
    PilotFish's eiTestBed software is a cloud-based solution that provides all of the resources required to establish standardized healthcare information exchanges (HIE). The eiTestBed combines a web repository with resources to configure, test & monitor the host's system.
  • SMC Partners with PilotFish for Healthcare Integration Engine Solution
    The partnership allows SMC Partners to leverage PilotFish’s integration capabilities with its own solutions and, as a Value Added Reseller (VAR), to offer them to its clients. PilotFish products enable users to handle any integration requirement such as medical device integration, EDI, HIE, EHR integration and more.
  • State of Connecticut Selects PilotFish Middleware for Use Test
    The eiTestBed, a cloud-based application, provides 24/7 access to all the implementation resources required to build an interface along with a fully automated, self-service, interface testing and validation facility that will be configured for reporting requirements.
  • The Challenge of Aggregating Healthcare Clinical & Administrative Data
    The right tools are what make overcoming the inherent challenges of parsing and aggregating data possible. These four guidelines can’t be ignored in selecting the right tools to unleash the value of data analytics. 1. Tools that allow you to read in data from in a variety of formats. 2. Parsing the data. Read more....
  • The Cure for EHR Interoperability - More Fed Mandates & Incentives?
    Clearly, the federal mandates and incentives to push along Meaningful Use requirements have created many competing EHR companies and most of them have profited handsomely. But now that many of these certified companies have sold their products to providers, are the purported benefits of Meaningful Use being realized?
  • The Road to Healthcare Interoperability Paved with Standards!
    The scope of requirements for different systems and applications has necessitated extending standards to meet a system’s, or application’s particular requirement. These additional requirements often result in the creation of non-standards compliant messages.
  • The Top 5 Reasons Solution Providers Can't Integrate - PilotFish Webinar
    A survey conducted by the nonprofit eHealth Initiative identified 3, not-so-shocking barriers to successful interoperability. 74% of respondents cited the cost of interface development. Another 64% of the polled organizations mentioned challenges in receiving timely and appropriate support from their EHR vendors.
  • W3C Standards in a Healthcare Interoperability Framework
    Utilizing W3C Standards Technology Provides Benefits Beyond Greater Healthcare Interoperability. By selecting a healthcare system based on W3C standard technology, you can be assured of an open and widely supported standard that will not be sunsetted.
  • What Makes FHIR Different for Healthcare Interoperability?
    By leveraging experience with past standards, HL7's new FHIR standard will hopefully provide ease of interoperability that will gain support. The mission is to advance the adoption of the FHIR standard for improving the electronic exchange of patient data among providers and to drive healthcare interoperability.
  • X12 Announces Partnership with PilotFish to Benefit X12 EDI Users
    X12, the standards body that develops and maintains EDI and related standards, announced today that it has entered into a partnership agreement with Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration (APHI) to license and redistribute artifacts of the X12 standard as a component of PilotFish’s eiConsole for X12 bundle.

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