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  • About Us – Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration
    Our Healthcare Integration Products and Services help organizations reach interoperability goals cost-efficiently with the evolving healthcare standards.
  • ANSI X.12 EDI Integration
    EDI Integration with One-Click Parsing of Any ANSI X.12 EDI Transaction. eiConsole for Healthcare Integration Engine. Free 90-Trial!
  • Build Healthcare Interfaces Faster and For Less
    Our healthcare no-code graphical interface and low monthly subscription costs make PilotFish Middleware an easy choice for EHR & EMR Integrations.
  • Case Study - Automated Message Validation in Electronic Data Exchange
    An electronic data exchange requires fast and accurate automated message validation and testing in order to remain cost competitive and relevant.
  • Case Study - Data Analytics & Reporting Integration
    Big data integration and analytics reporting for hospitals & practices across the US was successfully implemented using PilotFish middleware.
  • Case Study - HIE / Claims Clearinghouse Integration
    A Healthcare Claims Clearinghouse and HIE re-engineer its claims processing architecture in record time with no disruption or increase in resources.
  • Case Study - Integration of Clinical Lab Data a Success
    PilotFish middleware selected as the integration solution for a clinical testing lab that required real-time data integration & data integrity.
  • Case Study - Medical Equipment Integration Using PilotFish Software
    A single integrated approach across product lines was achieved to support a global client base of automated medication management environments.
  • Case Study - Medical Laboratory Integration
    MEDITECH partnered with PilotFish to rearchitect their approach to data transformation & transmissions to reach peak integration capability.
  • Case Study - Revenue Cycle Management Solutions
    A clinical laboratory billing & collection company initiates automation and achieves a 360% productivity increase in claims processing with PilotFish.
  • Case Study - State Systems Integration
    Connecticut collaborates with PilotFish to change the state’s paradigm for integrating systems. An example of a successful public/private partnership.
  • Case Study – Healthcare Food Management System Integration
    Learn how a leading food services provider partnered with PilotFish to implement its new cloud-based food and nutrition management system.
  • Case Study – Medical Equipment Data Integration
    Pilotfish Interface Engine integrates data from medical equipment efficiently and offers automation, flexibility, and reuse for quickly adding new clients.
  • Cut HL7 Interface Fees to Zero
    Cut the cord, switch to PilotFish and cut HL7 Interface Fees to Zero. PilotFish makes licensing simple with just one predictable monthly subscription fee
  • Data Mapping
    Breeze through data mapping with our exclusive, graphical three-pane data mapper. Perform data mapping using drag & drop no matter how complex.
  • EDI Data Mapping
    EDI Data Mappings are created effortlessly with the eiConsole for Healthcare using a drag & drop methodology that quickly handles even complex mappings.
  • EDI Transactions
    PilotFish's Healthcare Data Mapper comes equipped with an EDI Format Builder which supports all the ANSI X12 standards & full compliment of transactions.
  • EHR & EMR Integration
    With PilotFish Software, successful EMR & EHR integration for solution providers isn’t a pipe dream. It’s a proven reality. (XML, HL7, FHIR, EHR-API, C-CDA)
  • eiConsole for Healthcare Assembly Line
    The eiConsole for Healthcare Assembly Line allows the user to step through 7 stages to graphically configure interfaces quickly using PilotFish software.
  • eiConsole Interface Engine IDE
    Pilotfish Healthcare Interface Engine IDE - Build your healthcare interfaces graphically - no coding or scripting - HL7 productivity tools - Free Trial!
  • eiDashboard
    RESTful-Based, real-time operational interface system dashboard for reporting and performance monitoring of interfaces on your phone or desktop. See How!
  • eiPortal for Healthcare Integration
    PilotFish's eiPortal software automates interface testing, validation, and implementation. Reduce the time and effort of customer implementations by 80%!
  • FHIR Support
    PilotFish's Data Mapper includes a FHIR format reader, permitting the drag & drop mapping of FHIR documents. Accelerate Your Interoperability Today!
  • Guide to eiPortal for Interface Testing & Validation
    Pilotfish’s Healthcare Interface eiPortal guide for testing and validation of new customers in six easy steps.
  • Healthcare Integration
    PilotFish's suite of integration engine solutions delivers rapid interoperability in every area of healthcare. HL7 interfaces are a snap! Free 90-day trial.
  • Healthcare Integration Case Study List
    Healthcare integration case studies show how PilotFish software and strategies defeat every challenge with a 100% implementation success record.
  • Healthcare Integration Core Products
    PilotFish offers robust solutions that enable data integration between any and all systems, applications, databases, operating systems, and platforms.
  • Healthcare Integration Engine
    PilotFish’s Healthcare Integration Engine is flexible, extensible and compatible with any database, operating system, platform, & application server.
  • Healthcare Integration Services
    Applied PilotFish offers Healthcare Integration services in technical support, product training and implementation services
  • Healthcare Interface Built in 10 Steps
    The eiConsole for Healthcare features a 7-stage graphical assembly line where you can build any interface, no matter how complex, in 10 easy steps.
  • Healthcare Interface Software Demonstration Video
    Buckle up for a test drive of the fastest, easiest and most powerful HL7 interface engine on the planet. Watch the demonstration video now!
  • Healthcare Interoperability
    The eiPlatform is an HL7 Interface Engine powerhouse. With the eiPlatform, you can deploy hundreds of interfaces to a single server. Take a look!
  • Healthcare Interoperability Standards
    Healthcare disparate systems using different protocols are common. Our products are flexible & uniquely architected to handle any industry or XML standard.
  • Healthcare IT Consulting Services
    PilotFish helps healthcare providers, payers & solution providers build, implement & maintain industry standard solutions & compliance mandates.
  • HIE Integration Solutions
    PilotFish Integration Middleware provides HIE Integration Solutions for establishing real-time communication and seamless data exchanges.
  • HL7 Data Conversion
    The eiConsole for Healthcare supports HL7 data conversion as dictated by NIH (National Institute of Health) to aggregate disparate sources of information.
  • HL7 Data Mapping | Visual 3-Pane Data Mapping
    HL7 Data Mapper Delivers Exclusive 3-Pane Drag & Drop Mapping, More HL7 Features, Ease-of-Use and Speed. Watch a PilotFish Demo!
  • HL7 Differencing Engine
    PilotFish’s HL7 Differencing Engine automates mediating the differences between HL7 implementations - speeding up productivity, saving you time and money!
  • HL7 Documentation Built into Pilotfish HL7 Data Mapper
    PilotFish’s inline HL7 documentation with the entire HL7 vocabulary (2.x/3.x) ends time-wasting field tracking in HL7 interface engine. Take a Look!
  • HL7 Friendly Name Option
    Replace cryptic HL7 fields with simple synonyms derived from field descriptions in the HL7 vocabulary feature of PilotFish Integration Software.
  • HL7 Interface Engine IDE Features
    HL7 Interface Engine or eiConsole simplifies the complexity of configuring HL7 interfaces and dramatically speeds up implementations. Free Trial!
  • HL7 Interface Engine Open Source Alternative
    Acquisition costs are a small fraction of the total cost of a healthcare interface solution even if license costs are free for HL7 open source software.
  • HL7 Interface Engine Test Drive
    HL7 Interface Engine Test Drive – Free 90-Day Trial of the easiest HL7 Interface Engine on the Planet
  • HL7 Interface Templates for Reuse
    PilotFish’s extensive library of pre-built HL7 Interface Templates let you configure and reuse HL7 interfaces for more profitable implementations. See How!
  • HL7 Tools
    Experience the power of PilotFish’s HL7 Tools – configure, test and deploy HL7 Interfaces with greater ease and speed without any coding or scripting!
  • HL7 Vocabulary Tool
    Pilotfish’s HL7 Vocabulary Tool provides a Web-based reference for the HL7 Standard. The HL7 Vocabulary Tool makes working with the HL7 standard much easier
  • Hospital Integration
    PilotFish supports fast integration with any EHR system, medical device, database or application, for which “out of the box” interfaces do not exist.
  • Implementation Services
    At PilotFish, we pride ourselves on providing our customers with outstanding implementation services. Open communication ensures project run smoothly.
  • Integration and Data Analytics Deliver for Population Health Initiative
  • Integration Solutions for Payers
    Healthcare Integration Solutions With Support for HL7, ANSI x.12, EDI and XML Formats
  • Interface Reuse for Rapid Implementation
    Healthcare Interface Reuse competed in < 30 minutes using Pilotfish's HL7 Graphical Interface Engine. 80-90% of interface work done by non-developers!
  • Interface Testing
    With PilotFish, you’ll be more productive with end-to-end testing and debugging directly within the application of your healthcare interface. Take a look!
  • Intergration of Clinical Sys for HL7
    Rapid EMR Integration of Clinical Information Systems with Support for HL7, X.12 EDI and XML Standards using PilotFish Healthcare Integration Solutions
  • IoT – Internet of Things in Healthcare Integration
    Meet the high volume demands of loT with Pilotfish's flexible middleware solution. Our commercial, ready-built software can meet every loT challenge.
  • Lenient HL7 Parser
    HL7 Parser – our exclusive lenient parsesr handle devations in HL7 Usage by addressing implementations that do not strictly comply with HL7 standards
  • Licensing End Users
    The Best Solution to Your Integration Requirements Based on Time, Cost, Quality, and Risk. PilotFish consistently selected in Proof of Concept Bake-Offs.
  • Medical Device Integration
    The complexity of medical device integration no problem with PilotFish. No standard, format or protocol unsupported HL7 2.x, 3.x, HL7 FHIR, DICOM & more.
  • Medical Lab Integration
    Medical Lab Integration is a snap to or from any protocols. High volume data and diverse customer requirements are no problem with PilotFish Middleware.
  • mHealth Integration
    Bring remote patient monitoring to a whole new level with PilotFish’s HealthConnect. End-to-End Integration for Apple & Android Supported Medical Devices.
  • Middleware Gets Sexy!
    Middleware in Healthcare IT is the plug-n-play solution for solving hard healthcare integration problems and PilotFish Middleware does it easier and better.
  • News / Events
    Review the latest News & Events from Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration the Experts in Healthcare Integration Middleware.
  • Our Clients
    The PilotFish interface engine is consistently selected by solution providers, medical device manufacturers, HIE vendors & government entities. Take a Look!
  • Our Methodology
    The key to interoperability is loosely coupling systems. PilotFish middleware can handle the differences in data formats, versions & standards.
  • PilotFish Blog
    PilotFish commentary on leading healthcare technology, topics & issues from selecting an HL7 interface engine, API's, clinical data and more. Take a Look!
  • PilotFish Careers
    We are looking for bright, talented and passionate developers to join our team with careers in IT Healthcare
  • PilotFish EHR Integration List
    PilotFish has integrated with every major EHR on this extensive list. We are the experts in healthcare data integration and have over 15+ years experience.
  • Pilotfish Exhibiting at HiMSS16
    A Quick Review of what You’ll See at PilotFish at HiMSS16, that You Won’t See Anywhere Else!
  • PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE)
    The PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE) is your online marketplace for interface templates & components developed using our graphical IDE, the eiConsole.
  • PilotFish Licensing
    We know one-size fits all doesn’t work in healthcare. That’s why PilotFish offers flexible pricing options to suit any business requirements. Take a Look!
  • PilotFish Product Literature
    Pilotfish product brochures include Animated Interface Assembly Line, Product Spec Sheet, Building an Interface in 10 steps, the eiDashboard and more.
  • PilotFish Product Specifications
    View our extensive list of PilotFish platforms, databases, applications, standards and protocols that our products support. See for yourself!
  • Pilotfish Unveils New Features at HiMSS17
    PilotFish promises to wow crowds again at HiMSS17 with live demos and code-free process to create interfaces which integrate ANYTHING to ANYTHING.
  • Product Bundling
    Organizations can bundle PilotFish's eiPlatform server with their own applications to support rapid integration of EHRs, billing, pharmacies and more.
  • Product Training
    We offer on-site product training, an extensive selection of documentation and excellent training tutorials to fit your implementation schedule.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
    Remote Patient Monitoring in 6 Easy Steps with PilotFish HealthConnect App. View the diagram to learn more about leveraging this solution for you.
  • Resellers
    Achieve rapid implementation & integration by leveraging PilotFish Middleware through our value-added reseller and product bundling program.
  • See Our Products In Action
    PilotFish Product Videos - EMR Integration, eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine, HL7 Data Integration & Mapping, EDI Data Integration. Take a Look!
  • Setting Up and Using the eiPortal
    See how easy it is to quickly set up and use PilotFish's eiPortal Software using the Drag & Drop Data Mapper. We are Healthcare Integration Experts!
  • Solution Provider Integration
    Why allocate costly development resources away from your core competencies when you can black box the most advanced interface engine solution on the market?
  • Solutions
    PilotFish solutions are designed to overcome all the road blocks met in healthcare integration and achieve real world interoperability
  • State Government Integration
    State governments are using PilotFish software solutions to comply with new mandates, increase productivity, modernize IT systems, and improve services.
  • Technical Product Support
    PilotFish technical product support is available Monday through Friday between 9:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M. EST. How can we help you?
  • Value Proposition
    Healthcare interoperability is integrating disparate sets of data to limit both financial and clinical risk. We are experts with 15+ yrs experience.
  • Webinar Recordings
    Webinars to Watch - Big Data Analytics Integration - Solutions Provider Integration with EHRs - Medical Device Integration with EHRs - See for Yourself!
  • Who Benefits from Implementing an eiPortal?
    The eiPortal benefits any organization with a standard set of interfaces, file formats or web services that are used by many data exchange customers.

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