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End User Licenses

Leverage the Best Solution for Your Integration Requirements and Boost Your Bottom Line

This license allows you to install a copy of the PilotFish software for your own use at a location under your control to enable integration of disparate systems, applications, equipment and devices anywhere.

End User Licenses are available to any organization including government, commercial, public, private and non-profit. End Users can be “solution providers” that use the PilotFish software to enable integration of their product or service provided that the solution provider is the licensee.

There are a variety of licensing options available to End Users including:

  • On-demand License that includes Maintenance. This license option is designed to complement an Elastic Computing Environment. Hourly On-demand license fees are based on machine resources actually used and billed in minimum increments of one minute.
  • One-time License plus Annual Maintenance. License and Maintenance fees are based on the size (number of cores and gigabytes of memory) of the production server to which the PilotFish software is deployed.


  • Achieve seamless integration of any system, application, equipment or device anywhere including cloud, on-premises, legacy or modern.
  • Increase developer productivity by an order of magnitude, complete projects ahead of schedule and reduce project backlogs.
  • Standardize and simplify integration maintenance by using a graphical IDE that incorporates industry best practices into a step-by-step self-documenting process.
  • Enable business analysts to perform a greater share of integration work while reducing dependency on technical gurus.

If you would like to become an End User of PilotFish software, please contact us at 813 864 8662 or click the button.

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