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Leverage the Best Solution to Your Integration Requirements Based on Time, Cost, Quality, and Risk – and Boost Your Bottom Line

In Proof of Concept (POC) bake-offs against other leading interface engines, medical device & equipment manufacturers as well as solution providers consistently select PilotFish. Our verified track record of success of on-time and on-budget implementations in project after project is yet another key advantage.

PilotFish delivers a proven healthcare integration solution to help boost your bottom line via responsive solutions to meet your requirements. With integration and interoperability at your command, you will also find it easier to innovate and rapidly develop and introduce competitive new products and services. You will experience an environment and software where:

  • Proprietary formats, legacy formats, and contemporary formats are supported and easily configured to support any future formats with Open APIs
  • Reuse of any interface or interface component with only minor configuration changes will make your solution virtually “Plug & Play”
  • Interface configurations are made easy with the 7-stage graphical Assembly Line
  • Complex data transformations are done via drag & drop without programming or scripting
  • It is designed for easy collaboration between analysts and developers with 80% of interface development that can be completed by business analysts
  • Additional services revenue streams open up by leveraging PilotFish products’ ease of use and speed for offering custom interfaces

Whether you host our solution on the ground or in the cloud, PilotFish solutions enable greater productivity and faster time to market. Our end-user license provides a great value, too, with any number of test, development and back-up servers included with the license.

If you would like to become an end-user of PilotFish software, please contact us at 813 864 8662 or click the link below to email us.

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