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HL7 Case Studies

Powerful HL7 Integration Case Studies & Successes

PilotFish’s HL7 Integration Solution software facilitates the interoperability of systems, trading partners, equipment and devices regardless of technology platform, standards and standards compliance, communications protocols or data formats. We can help you accelerate gaining the benefits of HL7 interoperability while defeating its complexities and meeting its challenges.

With PilotFish, you gain the business and financial advantages of a single, consistent approach to HL7 integrations delivering:

  • greater automation and streamlined business processes
  • easy electronic exchange of clinical information and medical documentation
  • no problem syntactic interoperability, semantic interoperability, and workflow interoperability
  • client capability to leverage open source components with open APIs

Easier and Faster HL7 Integrations Guaranteed

PilotFish has revolutionized interface development with its no-code intuitive approach and simplified yet sophisticated software. You benefit from the ease-of-use and speed of HL7 implementations delivered by our exclusive:

  • Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line process – integrations follow the same process, every time
  • 3-pane true visual drag & drop Data Mapper – so easy that business analysts can do the majority of the configurations
  • Lenient HL7 parser and pre-integration inspection, which guarantees higher quality data exchange
  • Inline testing and documentation that ends dependencies on expensive technical talent
  • Built-in tools for reuse of interfaces and components enabling the majority of our clients to implement a new customer in under 30 minutes!

Highest-Quality and Most Efficient HL7 Platform 

PilotFish Interface Engine users rely on configuration rather than code to build the highest quality healthcare interfaces. Imagine the acceleration of data integration from anything to anything and the efficiency of:

  • Instantly reading in any data format using a drop-down menu of built-in format builders (HL7 2.x, 3.x, FHIR, EDI, flat files, Database, DICOM, XSD, XML, NCPDP, etc.)
  • Changing to any communications protocol by simply selecting from a drop-down menu and filling in new fields
  • Achieving anything you previously could only do programmatically with ease, even for the most complex data mappings

The PilotFish HL7 Integration Solution offers you the advanced technology, automated processes, flexibility and rapid development tools needed to effectively integrate with the ever-evolving array of IT systems and equipment found across the healthcare ecosystem. 

We invite you to browse the PilotFish HL7 Integration Case Studies below and prove the case to yourself that PilotFish is the solution for you and your organization. Why not take a look at our high Capterra ratings too?

Healthcare Financial Analytics

PilotFish Healthcare Data Integration Analytics Case Study

Accurate real-time data is critical to successful healthcare financial analytics and operational decision making. In this case study, discover how PilotFish was the game-changer that powered real-time data integration. Automatic data reconciliation and auditing were ensured from data ingestion to transformation. HL7, Custom Validation, Empowered Financial and Clinical Results >

Enhanced HL7 Healthcare Delivery

HL7 Healthcare Integration Automation Solution Case Study with PilotFish Technology

PilotFish’s HL7 integration solution, proven to be interoperable in any HIE ecosystem, allowed this leading Healthcare company to leverage automation and incorporate customer-specific rules for advanced validation. PilotFish’s built-in flexibility made meeting their business requirements and implement changes far easier and faster. Plus, its support for HL7 interface reuse further fast-tracked their implementations. HL7 Automation, HL7 Workflow, Customized Validation, Data Mapping >

Healthcare Data Integration

Healthcare Data Integration Case Study with PilotFish

Payers, providers and service partners struggle to navigate the disparate processes, standards and systems required to integrate social care, behavioral health care and medical care. Learn how a transformative leader moved forward to tame complexity and ensure seamless data interoperability. HL7 FHIR, X12 EDI, Care Delivery, Claims >

Healthcare Claims Accuracy Solution and Payment Integrity

Healthcare Payer Integration Workflow Using PilotFish Middleware

Extensible software, a forward-thinking approach, and the ability to run billions of claims across policies, networks and markets from one platform deliver lower costs and higher quality for healthcare payers. Learn about this new hybrid, cloud-based central platform aiming at all aspects of payment integrity – claims accuracy, eligibility and verification, prior authorization, pricing and plan optimization, and more. HL7 FHIR and X12 EDI Integration > Core Capability for Claims Accuracy >

EHR HL7 Medical Device Integration

EHR Medical Device Integration with PilotFish Software


This medical device portfolio of products requires a robust HL7 interface and data integration architecture for nearly real-time EMR integration. Discover how this leading developer of mobile health solutions and remote cardiac monitoring services leveraged PilotFish Integration Solutions to support the development of disruptive monitoring technologies. See the advantages of this customizable and configurable platform in delivering seamless reporting and services. HL7 FHIR EMR HIS ORU >

Categories: HL7 Integration, Medical Device Integration

Quality Analytics

HL7 Messages, FHIR, API Healthcare Case Study

Under new contracts as a Hospital Quality Improvement Contractor (HQIC-CMS), the firm targeted quality improvement assistance to hospitals in response to the opioid epidemic and patient safety. Rapidly integrating HL7 feeds of EMR data from Epic, Cerner and others from over 30 hospitals to meet tight deadlines was the first requirement. The second was finding a cost-effective integration solution that would fall within their existing contract parameters. HL7, FHIR, API Integration >

Categories: HL7 Integration, Analytics Integration, Government Integration

Data Analytics Integration in Hospital Reporting

Case Study – Data Analytics & Reporting Integration

High performance delivered! With a dominant position and market share in hospitals and practices throughout the United States, the client is focused on delivering a single source provider of financial, operational and quality metrics, coupled with proprietary, value-added analytical services. This massive big data integration challenge, a tough bake-off, and implementation prove the superiority of PilotFish Integration Engine Solutions. Delivering Higher-Quality Analytics in Less Time with Less Staff >

Hospital HL7 ORU Integration

HL7 Integration Case Study with EHRs and Hospital Lab

Lab result alerts from this hospital’s LIS were a persistent pain point for providers. Alerts were so frequent that they were unmanageable, veering on becoming meaningless. PilotFish’s HL7 Interface Engine was leveraged to solve this immediate HL7 ORU challenge. The partnership with PilotFish also positioned the lab for further CPOE implementations. See how PilotFish, the lab and IT architected a single report solution.  HL7 ORU Alerts, Hospital LIS and CPOE >

COVID-19 Reporting Integration

HL7 Interface Implementation Case Study Summary

PilotFish helped this state’s Department of Public Health meet the challenges of quality reporting of an enormous amount of COVID-19 surveillance data to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Critical data normalization, validation and standardization were performed speedily on incoming data from hundreds of systems and, in turn, was transformed and reported out to the CDC’s numerous receiving systems. HL7 COVID-19 Data Reporting: Benefits of Infinite Flexibility and Extensibility >

Solution Provider Integration with EHRs

Case Study - Healthcare Food Management System Integration

Message delivery is critical when impacting patients and serving tens of thousands of meals daily in acute care settings across the USA. Reliably reaching the right patient at the right time and patient safety are paramount. Real-time integration with HL7-based EHRs and admissions, discharges, transfers and order changes is crucial. Learn how a leading food services provider found a real partner in PilotFish to ensure that implementation of its new cloud-based food and nutrition management system was pain-free to its client base and provided a lasting foundation for growth. High-Volume, Complex HL7-EHR Integrations Now “No Problem” >

Medical Equipment EHR Integration Solution

Case Study – Medical Equipment Integration

The healthcare division of one of the world’s leading manufacturers delivers new out-of-the-box interoperability capability. By partnering with PilotFish, a single consistent integration approach across product lines was achieved to support a growing client base of globally-dispersed automated medication management environments. HL7 Integration Speedily Incorporated Across Global Platforms >

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