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Release Notes 22R1

PilotFish Product Release 21R1 New Features and Updates

New Product Features & Improvements – FEB 2022


  • Supports and defaults to JDK 17, which is the latest Long-Term Support (LTS) release by Oracle.
  • Removal of Jetty as embedded Runtime for Emulator, Testing Mode and the Windows service. Replaced with Apache Tomcat 10.
  • Added full Route URI to log messages where applicable. This allows for more granular filtering of logs using the log4j configuration.



Testing Mode

  • Added a checkbox to enable or disable the testing trace.

XPath Tester

  • Improved handling of empty results.



New Enhanced SNIP Validation

  • Validation moved outside of the transformation module to a standalone EDI SNIP Validation Processor.
  • SNIP levels 1-3 included in base release, 4-5 available as an add-on and all supported within the processor.
  • Modular and highly parallelized, performance tuned to scale with hardware.


Module Enhancements


  • Added new ‘Script Execution Processor’.
  • This processor is based on GraalVM and comes with JavaScript as the default language.
  • Additional languages can be installed such as Python, Ruby, R and more.
  • JavaScript processor was removed and is intended to be replaced by the new Execute Script Processor.
  • GraalVM must be installed as the runtime JDK for the new scripting modules to function.


  • Added a new JSONPath Evaluation Processor, which is similar to the ‘XPath Evaluation Processor’ that allows the retrieval of values natively from JSON payloads. This removes the need to convert JSON payloads to XML to parse values and should greatly simplify route complexity.

Text Scraping

  • ‘TextScraper Processor’ now allows for matching on empty fields.


  • Upgraded to Apache POI 5.0 to allow for support of more formats.
  • Transformation Module now allows the ability to display the Raw Numeric value or the Formatted value of a cell.


  • Added ability to disable metadata polling during SQL module queries.  This improved performance dramatically in some SQL implementations.


  • Added the ability to download and upload in the AWS S3 Operation Processor.

Call Route Processor

  • Added ability to conditionally loop synchronous callouts.
  • This allows the route to keep calling a target route until either a specific condition is met, or the maximum number of loops have been reached.  It removes the need for complex routing rules and route callouts to achieve the same effect.

Serial Port Listener

  • Added a new ‘message’ listening method which fires transactions off based on a configurable end of message delimiter.

Command Line Processor

  • Improved handling of processes that do not exit properly on Linux operating systems.


  • Added a configurable connection pool size to RabbitMQ.
  • Increased default pool size from 8 to 16.


  • Added an option to enter an SQS queue URL instead of a name for the SQS listener, applicable only for v1.


  • Added support for the seed list connection format.

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