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Release Notes 21R1

PilotFish Product Release 21R1 New Features and Updates

New Product Features and Improvements – MAR 21


Added Transaction Sequence Attributes  

  • These attributes contain the path a transaction has traveled up to the point it is accessed.  
  • The format is based on module URI’s and is displayed as a String value in the order a module was hit during the transaction’s lifetime.
  • It is accessible in the OGNL builder palette and can be output in either JSON or XML formats.


  • Interfaces and Routes in the File Management Screen are now entirely naturally sorted.
  • The Data Mapper is now more responsive on higher complexity XML trees.
  • The Data Mapper can no longer open the same XSLT file in multiple windows.
  • The Routing Rules menu under edit mode is now larger by default and can be expanded into its own resizable window.


  • Implemented cleaner logConfig.xml file rollover defaults.
  • Changed external Listeners key from “common” so that it doesn’t interfere with similarly named routes and interfaces.
  • Improvements to general performance and stability of the runtime.



HL7 Simple Transport

  • Now officially available in the dropdown list.
  • Now has the ability to set a timeout on responses.

HL7 LLP Transport

  • Resolved a scenario where connections could not be closed when they timeout during “keep connection”.

HL7 Listeners and Transports

  • The Listeners and Transports for HL7 have had their connection statuses exposed to the RESTful API using a new interface inherited by all modules. 



EDI Transformation Module

  • Now allows larger segment values.



AWS S3 Listener 

  • Now enqueues transactions after reaching the max transactions limit rather than after reading the entire listing.
  • Added PollingCycleSize equivalent.
  • Now has the option to read object metadata as transaction attributes.
  • AWS S3 Listener detail information.

AWS S3 Transport 

  • Now allows for the configuration of object metadata.
  • AWS S3 Transport detail information.

Added AWS Secrets Processor

  • This retrieves AWS Secrets values and places them in transaction attributes and can be used to more securely populate data fields such as username & passwords, secret access keys and more.
  • Please see AWS Secrets Documentation for more information.



Added Transaction Isolation Level Options

  • Available to the Database SQL Listener, Transport, Transformation module as well as the processor.
  • This configuration includes all options available by default according to JDBC and also allows for configuration of driver specific options.  Please see your JDBC driver’s documentation for any additional options. 

Added a new PostgreSQL Copy Processor 

  • This processor runs the PostgreSQL COPY command on a file to a target database. 
  • This is an extremely efficient way to import large batch data into a PostgreSQL database from a character delimited set of data (commonly CSV). 

Added Database Metadata Listing Processor 

  • This processor generates an XML structure that defines a target database’s tables, columns and their relations.
  • This metadata can be extremely useful when needing to generate SQLXML dynamically.  An example would be quickly creating a RESTful API to perform PUT/GET/DELETE operations against a database.


  • Now allows for a root level ‘interpretValueAsNull’ attribute that applies to all child elements.




  • Implemented v2 behavior on the listener, which uses the JMS interface instead of web API calls giving faster asynchronous behavior.

JMS Message Properties

  • JMS Listener/Transport modules now have the ability to set custom message properties.




  • Increased API XL performance during JSON conversions.


  • Implementation of numbers swapped from longs to BigInteger’s and BigDecimcal’s to allow for larger numbers in JSON-XML transformations.
  • Now has the ability to specify ‘string/null’ output type, which makes the output null instead of an empty string.

RESTful Transport

  • Now has a timeout option.

Added New Email Operation Processor

  • Allows various operations to be performed on emails in an inbox such as move, mark read/unread, etc.


  • Now documented using Swagger UI.  You can access this by going to your running EIP root resource URL and add the resource path “/swagger”
  • Now sends a 401 when credentials were invalid.
  • EIP Modules now have an interface that allows functionality to be exposed in the RESTful API.
  • Currently the only supported modules are the HL7 Listeners and Transports which have had their connections and those connections states made available to the RESTful API.
  • This API is highly extensible and we expect more capabilities to be exposed in future releases.



Added Apache FOP Modules

  • New Processor and Format Builder.  
  • This allows for the generation of PDF, Word and other file formats from a defined XML structure.

Added Throttled File Listeners

  • There are 3 new Listeners which allow extremely large files or sets of files to be streamed into the EIP without consuming too much memory.
  • The 3 variants include a generic file throttling listener with additional EDI and CSV variants.  
  • These were previously compatible with 20R1 installations but have since been improved and added officially into the product.



  • This is a web interface that allows the monitoring of specific datapoints within transactions in real time.
  • Datapoints can be configured to look for pieces of information from within a transaction’s payload or transaction attributes.
  • Conditions can be set to simply log the information for later viewing or triggering entire route.
  • These are configured at runtime.



  • eiPlatforms can now be operated using a new On-Demand Licensing Model.  This gives users the flexibility to deploy and scale any number of eiPlatforms based on a common pricing model without having to worry about hardware restrictions.

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