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PilotFish’s HL7 Interface Engine and Suite of HL7 Tools Dispatch HL7 Integration Challenges with Ease

An evaluation will quickly show you that most HL7 tools on the market are not up to the challenge of working with the HL7 standard. Why not experience the power of PilotFish’s HL7 Tools and graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line process – configure, test and deploy HL7 Interfaces with greater ease and speed without any coding or scripting.

PilotFish meets the needs of solution providers, medical equipment and device manufacturers, medical labs, HIEs and others with an architecture that is both extensible using open source components and flexible to keep up with an evolving technology landscape and ever-changing requirements:

Benefit from Exclusive Optimized HL7 Tools and Features That Get the Job Done Fast and Right!

The eiConsole Healthcare Interface Engine IDE doesn’t just hand over a bunch of disparate HL7 tools as other products do. You’ll utilize a true graphical drag & drop Data Mapper, not cumbersome scripts and confusing line drawing tools that fail miserably at complex mappings. In fact, you get a complete graphical IDE, not just an IDE for programming. Codeless data transformations let you breeze through HL7 Data Mapping and allow Business Analysts or other non-programmer professionals to handle a large portion of interface development – and do it fast!

  • Visual drag & drop data mapping handles HL7 complexity easily
  • Pre-configured healthcare and HL7 specific support
  • Codeless W3C-compliant XSLT
  • Configurable and extensible with Open APIs
  • HL7 Interface Reuse as Fast as Clone, Tweak, Test & Go!


You have verified flexibility to read in any version of HL7 directly, even extended or non-standards compliant HL7, and save hundreds of hours of time with our built-in high-productivity, high-performance HL7 Tools.

Robustly architected with features and performance you can count on, PilotFish is the only HL7 Interface Engine that includes this complete, integrated suite of HL7 Tools. Put our HL7 Tools to work for you, experience lightning-fast integration of Anything to Anything and see implementations speed up significantly with faster interface configuration.

Lenient HL7 Parser Easily Consumes Non-Standards Compliant HL7

While other products choke on non-standard HL7 messages, the eiConsole’s new Lenient HL7 Parser can parse unknown segments, capturing the data for subsequent conversion and manipulation. Organizations that have customized HL7 to suit their particular requirements and, as a result, produce non-standard compliant HL7, can now easily communicate with you.

HL7 Documentation Inline Ends Time-Wasting Searches and Field Tracking

With the eiConsole for Healthcare, you can browse the entire HL7 vocabulary for 2.x and 3.x versions including code list tables right from within the application. No more wasting time searching for information outside of your application. Explore the HL7 data dictionary with a tree-based navigation system, similar to a file system explorer.

HL7 Vocabulary Tool Supports Easier Implementations of HL7 Standards

 PilotFish provides a free Web-based reference for the HL7 Standard. Our HL7 Vocabulary Tool is just one of the tools we have created to make working with the HL7 standard easier for healthcare solution providers. The eiConsole offers this fully-featured tool to enable the rapid implementation of HL7 standards.

HL7 Friendly Name Option Speeds Up Mapping HL7’s Countless Variations

The “Friendly-Name” feature allows users to bind HL7 messages to or from human-readable XML. Replace those cryptic HL7 names with simple, understandable synonyms derived from field descriptions in the appropriate version of the HL7 vocabulary. Even less seasoned HL7 developers breeze through data mapping.

Achieve New Customer Implementations in Less than 30 Minutes with HL7 Interface Reuse

The key to reusability and how quickly an interface can be cloned and tweaked is directly related to the engine’s design and architecture. PilotFish is architected to make the process fast and easy – Clone an interface with a mouse click. Just select our new “duplicate” function, accessed via a file menu drop-down.

See more about speeding up HL7 interface development via HL7 Interface Engine Features and about the eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE.

Leading organizations in virtually every area of healthcare are benefitting from PilotFish. We invite you to learn more by visiting the Case Studies section.

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call 813 864 8662 or click the button.

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