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Cut HL7 Interface Fees to Zero

Cut HL7 Interface Connection, Per Interface and Per Client Fees to ZERO

Are you facing obscenely expensive interface fees with no end in sight as your interface requirements grow exponentially? Cut the cord, switch to PilotFish and cut HL7 Interface Fees to Zero. PilotFish makes licensing simple with predictable monthly fees.

Cut HL7 Interface Fees to Zero

Currently, PilotFish is being leveraged in virtually every area of healthcare to support integration requirements with applications, systems, databases, medical equipment, and devices. In addition, pilotFish has been integrated with every major EHR vendor. Review our List of EHR Vendor Integrations. Solution providers love our simple approach to licensing our integration engine solutions. They can license them either as an end user, bundled with their products or service or even white-labeled with these advantages:

  • No per interface fees
  • No connection fees
  • No per client charges
  • No bi-directional fees


With PilotFish, healthcare integration is not only cheaper with cut interface fees, but it gets done faster with our exclusive assembly line process that allows you to automate interface production.

In addition to our simple licensing – our advanced visual tool lets you build, manage and maintain interfaces by simply filling out configuration screens and doing data mapping using drag & drop. Benefit from all these features:

  • No coding
  • No scripting
  • No worries using non-developers for 80-90% of interface work
  • No line-drawing mapping tools with all their limitations
  • No problem in easily leveraging interface reuse

The PilotFish automated interface assembly line process makes interface creation simple. But don’t let its simplicity fool you. It is incredibly robust and handles every data type and connection you’ll encounter in healthcare. In addition, it has defeated every integration challenge ever thrown at it in the complex world of HL7 interfaces.

If your current vendor charges fees per connection, interface, or client – with growth and success, you’ll see your costs surge and rise exponentially. But not with PilotFish. PilotFish is your insurance against those increases. Plus, with PilotFish as your integration solution, you will cut interface fees immediately to ZERO from whatever they are now.

Want to learn more? Watch the video, then contact us to schedule a custom demo and discussion to see what PilotFish can save you.

Watch a PilotFish Interface Engine Video

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