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PilotFish Healthcare Integration Clients

The PilotFish interface engine is consistently selected by solution providers, medical device and equipment manufacturers, application providers, HIE vendors, government entities, and channel partners after side-by-side comparisons and Proof of Concepts. Faster and lower cost integration and a nearly perfect (99%) record of on-time and on-budget implementations differentiate us.

Clients value our solutions for proven ease of use and speed of configuration. Our interface configuration process handles complex tasks faster and makes simple tasks, well simple. Tools are specifically designed so that Business Analysts and other non-technical staff can collaborate with developers to configure and maintain a significant portion of an organization’s interfaces.

Organizations leveraging our best-of-breed healthcare integration solutions include:

Medical device and equipment manufacturers that need to integrate with hospital systems, databases or applications

The PilotFish product suite offers the advanced technology, flexibility, and rapid interface development tools needed to effectively interface with the array of IT systems found in healthcare and to meet the evolving federal meaningful use mandates. Following an extensive evaluation of numerous commercial offerings we felt that PilotFish was the most synergistic with our own architecture and integration strategy and best overall value proposition.

Bob Moore, Director Software Solutions at InterMetro (Emerson Metro)

Medical labs that need to communicate and exchange data with diverse clients that are also often using different formats and protocols

In metrics, we are finding that by leveraging PilotFish solutions interfacing time has decreased by 50%. With PilotFish we can be more responsive and accommodating to our clients and deliver payloads that are accurate, an absolute necessity in healthcare data exchange. As a result, we consider PilotFish our best vendor of choice.

David Brajkovich, Director of Business Applications Development at Gamma-Dynacare (LabCorp’s Canadian Subsidiary)

Application providers with thousands of customers that they need to exchange data with ― hospitals, practices, payers, medical facilities and other organizations

PilotFish Healthcare met all the criteria we had established for selecting an integration engine solution. However, what really impressed us was the ease-of-use of their solution. The PilotFish eiConsole for Healthcare IDE uses a graphical Assembly Line approach to configuring complex interfaces that is simple, intuitive and fast.

Ron Gastin, Vice President Technology at Morrison Healthcare

Payers whose data exchange requirements may vastly differ from their clients

HIEs whose hundreds of clients’ systems don’t speak their exact “language”

With the implementation of the PilotFish integration middleware, UHIN has already seen dramatic gains in the manageability and flexibility of our trading partner communications. These technical benefits have been coupled with improvements in team productivity, allowing our organization to deliver a much higher level of service to our members than was previously possible.

Dallin Johnston, Chief Operating Officer for the Utah Health Information Network.

State Government agencies and departments that need to meet new Federal reporting and data exchange requirements

“We are excited to partner with PilotFish for our Meaningful Use testing. Managing the attestation of our providers has posed a significant challenge. We have hundreds of hospitals and practices vying for our attention as they scramble to meet federally mandated deadlines. In these fiscally challenging times, our employees at DPH are overwhelmed with work. The eiTestBed allows us to eliminate significant human intervention, while providing a higher level of service to our healthcare providers, than would otherwise have been possible.”

Mark Raymond, CTO for the State of Connecticut.

PilotFish also provides implementation services and training to support its product offerings.

Simply put, we enable interoperability across the entire healthcare ecosystem.

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