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State Government Integration

PilotFish Solutions Support the Complex Reporting and Integration Requirements of State Government

PilotFish’s Integration Solutions provide a unique value proposition for State Governments that are facing new Federal mandates, reduced budgets, and increased integration requirements. States are leveraging PilotFish solutions to comply with these new mandates, increase productivity, modernize IT systems, and improve services.

PilotFish is particularly suited to support the various disparate formats and systems, including proprietary and legacy so prevalent in State Government today. Below are some examples of how States use PilotFish’s suite of integration solutions.

State of Connecticut

The State of CT has an enterprise license to PilotFish’s Integration Suite of products. The State’s Department of Public Health (DPH) has implemented the PilotFish eiTestBed. The eiTestBed offers “self-service” message testing and validation for the State’s hundreds of providers seeking to meet Federal Meaningful Use requirements for Immunization and Disease Reporting, Stage I and II. The eiTestBed provides a cloud-based user interface for certifying the validity of provider messages. Within the eiTestBed, any common or standards-based message can be configured as a Test Portal service. Each of these can be associated with a unique set of business rules, data quality checks, and other validations. Once a service is configured, providers can submit messages electronically for automated review. In real time, a web-based UI provides them with immediate and specific feedback. Providers can continue to refine their interface and achieve conformance without involving DPH staff. Once they have achieved compliance, the eiTestBed automatically generates a certificate of compliance and report that attests to their compliance.

PilotFish Client Product Quote“We are excited to partner with PilotFish for our Meaningful Use testing. Managing the attestation of our providers has posed a significant challenge. We have hundreds of hospitals and practices vying for our attention as they scramble to meet federally mandated deadlines. In these fiscally challenging times, our employees at DPH are overwhelmed with work. The eiTestBed allows us to eliminate significant human intervention, while providing a higher level of service to our healthcare providers, than would otherwise have been possible.”


Mark Raymond, CTO for the State of Connecticut.

State of CT Departmen of Health Immunization Using PilotFish

CT’s Department of Health has also replaced its existing HL7® interface engine, Rhapsody, with PilotFish. PilotFish is being used to facilitate communication between immunization providers and MAVEN, a critical Department of Social Services system, using HL7. This interface accepts HL7 versions 2.3.1 and 2.5 immunization records from hundreds of healthcare providers statewide. It can accommodate any communications protocol that the data is sent in, an inherent feature of the PilotFish engine. An additional use case at DPH includes an interface to handle the transformation of laboratory results for Environmental Public Health Tracking.

Overview of The State of Connecticut and Data Integration Using PilotFish Software.

Utah Health Information Network (UHIN)

UHIN is a nonprofit coalition of healthcare providers, payers, state government and other stakeholders. One of the few successful HIEs in the country, the group enables providers, payers, and patients to exchange information securely and electronically.

UHIN has selected PilotFish’s products as part of its future-state architecture. In Phase 1 of UHIN’s multi-year effort, the focus is on the movement, manipulation, and validation of electronic claims files and other administrative data. The scope of the effort includes the movement of X12 HIPAA transactions to and from thousands of providers around Utah and 4,000 payers nationwide.

PilotFish Client Product Quote“With the implementation of the PilotFish integration middleware, UHIN has already seen dramatic gains in the manageability and flexibility of our trading partner communications. We’ve been gratified that in a matter of less than three months, several hundred unique data flows have been implemented by a small team of UHIN employees. The fact that the team is largely self-taught in the PilotFish products is real testament to how easy to learn and use the software really is.”


Dallin Johnston, Chief Operating Officer for the Utah Health Information Network

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts

The Massachusetts State Legislature passed the Occupational Lead Poisoning Registry Law in 1990. It was created because occupational exposure to lead is still a major cause of disease in the United States. The Occupational Lead Poisoning Registry tracks elevated blood lead levels in the state’s population.

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has licensed PilotFish products to automate the process of loading lead level reports. These reports are coming from clinical laboratories in the state and are in various versions of HL7. Using PilotFish, the HL7 files are first validated against a set of internally defined validation rules. Validation errors are then emailed back to the client. Next, valid HL7 files are standardized and loaded into an Access database. Finally, custom reports are generated from that database. PilotFish has automated what was once a highly manual process, providing the state with new efficiencies.

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