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Medical Device Integration

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Simplify Medical Device Integration –  Easily Handle the Complexity of EHR Integration

Integrating with the existing EHR system, applications, and workflows at healthcare organizations means dealing with the daunting complexity and variability of healthcare standards. With PilotFish, you’ll never run into a standard, format or protocol you cannot support.

We have built-in support for all versions of HL7® 2.x, 3.x, extended and non-standards compliant versions, including the HL7 FHIR® standard. We also have built-in support for DICOM, CCR, CCD/CDA, X12 EDI and more. Our proven methodology and lightweight integration tools overcome the challenges of medical device integration with dispatch.

Medical Device or Equipment Integration Diagram

PilotFish also offers support for over 25 communication protocols out-of-the-box and direct support for HL7 2.x (all versions), 3.x, FHIR, and more. With our Open APIs, our product is easily extensible to support new protocols, formats, and standards. PilotFish offers a future-proof solution that allows you to leverage new technology as it comes to market.

PilotFish Client Product Quote“The PilotFish product suite offers the advanced technology, flexibility, and rapid interface development tools needed to effectively interface with the array of IT systems found in healthcare and to meet the evolving federal meaningful use mandates. Following an extensive evaluation of numerous commercial offerings we felt that PilotFish was the most synergistic with our own architecture and integration strategy and best overall value proposition.”


Bob Moore, Director Software Solutions at InterMetro (Emerson Metro)

PilotFish’s eiPlatform for healthcare integration is bundled with Metro’s application and deployed on a server at the client site. It facilitates integration with Metro’s offerings and hospital EHRs and other systems.

Today healthcare facilities are looking to integrate medical device data not only into their EMRs but into many other clinical and analytic solutions to innovate around mobile and new intelligent workflows. With our Open APIs, our product is easily extensible to support new applications, protocols, formats, and standards. PilotFish offers a future-proof solution that allows you to leverage new technology as it comes to market and demand arises.

Medical Device Integration that is Fast and Easy

The faster you can configure interfaces to and from your medical devices and equipment to multiple customer systems, the lower your cost and the greater the value your offerings provide. Interfaces that take months to build can delay your product installation, be difficult to cost justify, and make your products less competitive.

With the eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE, interfaces are configured immeasurably faster in an Automated Interface Assembly Line proven structured approach. And a huge plus, reusable, configurable and fully customizable components are generated so that the more interfaces created, the easier, faster and more efficient the process becomes.

Each of the core components of the interface assembly line is configurable, pluggable and extensible. By loosely coupling the interoperability API (e.g., HL7 or IHE messaging protocol specifics), changes to evolving standards require only configuration changes in the middleware layer, leaving the core system logic unaltered. Existing system deployments can be updated to support newer versions of the standards through the deployment of updated file-based configurations.

Solve Interoperability Challenges and Achieve Much More with Less

  • Only PilotFish’s eiConsole for Healthcare IDE offers a Graphical User Interface (GUI) for interface configuration end-to-end, going way beyond an IDE limited to programming (and reliance on programmers or technically trained staff). Here users without technical training or any programming skills step through the Automated Interface Assembly Line and configure an interface graphically.
  • The eiConsole is the only integration IDE that does not rely on scripting for transformations. Its exclusive 3-pane Drag & Drop Data Mapper component is computationally complete – anything that can be done with programming can be accomplished through Drag & Drop. Conditional logic, special formatting, concatenation, etc. can all be handled in the Data Mapper by pulling down values from a full palette of functions.
  • Are you working with different HL7 implementations (2.x and 3.x), modified versions of HL7 or even different releases of HL7? You can quickly mediate the differences between all these with our Data Mapper’s exclusive Differencing Engine. Are you working with non-standard HL7? Our Lenient HL7 Parser can parse unknown segments, capturing the data for subsequent transformation and manipulation.
  • Need to generate a CCD or CCR? Template-based mappings make this painless. With the eiConsole for Healthcare, you benefit from the direct import of vendor-specific HL7 transaction samples for data mapping. Map-by-Message and Map-by-Sample – select an HL7 message type or use a sample HL7 message to automatically generate a “template” using the relevant components of the HL7 vocabulary.
  • The eiConsole offers a full graphical Test Mode complete with error logging and detail at any stage, right within the application.

Low-Cost Licensing and Bundling Options

Many organizations rely on home-grown interface engines or point-to-point interfaces to handle their current medical device integration requirements. When you consider that IT resources are your single most significant expense, the cost savings in productivity alone with PilotFish’s Healthcare Interface Engine solution more than justifies its very affordable price.

PilotFish’s restricted-use bundling licenses start at a small fraction of a server license. One server gives the ability to run hundreds of interfaces, enough for a large hospital or even several, for example. And we are server agnostic.

Learn more about the eiPlatform Interface Engine (Java Runtime) and the eiConsole for Healthcare (Interface Engine IDE).  Read our medical device integration case studies – Beating Medical Device Market Expectations by Leveraging PilotFish and Medical Equipment EHR Solution.

PilotFish offers an all-in-one solution for medical device and medical equipment integration that surpasses the competition – as independent evaluation consistently confirms. Contact us to learn more about how you can bundle our solution with your medical devices or equipment and start communicating with EHRs and other hospital systems. Ask us about our Value Added Reseller program, too.

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call 813 864 8662 or click the button.

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