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HL7 Data Mapping with the eiConsole


Try it and You’ll Never Go Back to Scripting or 2 Pane Mapping Again!

The eiConsole’s Data Mapper component provides a robust graphical environment for mapping. The Data Mapper is where you perform logical mapping between any two data formats. Our exclusive three panel design allows you to drag & drop to create even the most complex mappings that line drawing tools fail so miserably at. Our unique “triple-pane” paradigm goes way beyond just drag & drop mapping. Try the Data Mapper in the eiConsole for Healthcare for free with our special 90-Day Trial!

This unique triple pane paradigm allows the Data Mapper to be both easy-to-use (which is superior to script-driven approaches) and flexible (which is where 2-panel “line drawing” models fall apart. How many lines can you have crisscrossing?) The three pane paradigm is of particular advantage when the Source and Target have repeating or recursive elements.

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Shown below, an example of the Data Mapper. The panel on the left is your Source format, the panel on the right your Target format, the panel in the middle contains the logical mapping between the two.

HL7 DataMapperto xls

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Relating Source formats to Target formats is easy, simply drag the corresponding fields from the Source and the Target to the map in the middle. In addition to dragging Source and Target elements onto the map, users can also take advantage of a “computationally complete” palette of XSLT Structures, Functions and custom “macros” to speed the development of high quality transformations.

While it’s possible to build an entire mapping from scratch, it’s often faster to drag-and-drop source values onto a sample target message or transaction. You can automatically create a skeleton for your transformation with sample source and target files.

Need to generate a CCD or CCR? Template-based mappings make this painless. With the eiConsole for Healthcare you benefit from the direct import of vendor-specific HL7 transaction samples for data mapping. Map-by-Message and Map-by-Sample – select an HL7 message type or use a sample HL7 message to automatically generate a “template” using the relevant components of the HL7 vocabulary.

Are you working with different HL7 implementations (2.x and 3.x), modified versions of HL7 or even different releases of HL7? You can easily mediate the differences between all with our Data Mapper’s exclusive Differencing Engine. Working with non standard HL7? Our Lenient HL7 Parser can parse unknown segments, capturing the data for subsequent transformation and manipulation.

Our Data Mapper lets you choose from a wide selection of format builders to build your mappings, too. For example, for HL7 mapping you’d choose the HL7 v2.x Format Builder. A few seconds later you’ll see the full HL7 2.4 data dictionary appear in the left hand panel which provides a valuable resource right at hand.

The eiConsole for Healthcare and the Data Mapper component are part of the PilotFish Interface Development Life Cycle, a complete system for configuring, sharing, publishing, testing, validating, deploying and maintaining complex healthcare interfaces. Download a FREE 90-Day Trial now!

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