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HL7 Visual 3-Pane Data Mapping

PilotFish’s HL7 Data Mapper Delivers Exclusive 3-Pane Drag & Drop Mapping, More HL7 Features, Ease-of-Use and Speed

PilotFish’s Data Mapper component provides a unique, robust triple-pane paradigm that supports mappings of any length and complexity while remaining graphically functional. In addition, our exclusive 3-pane design allows you to drag & drop to create even the most challenging HL7 mappings, unlike those ostensibly graphical line-drawing mapping tools that quickly become indecipherable and untenable.

PilotFish’s triple-pane paradigm goes way beyond other mapping tools with its powerful architecture and intelligent HL7 specialized features. You benefit from a muscular architecture specifically designed to scale well in handling the hundreds of fields typical in HL7 mappings. To start, the eiConsole HL7 Data Mapper is both:

  • Easy-to-use, thus far superior to script-driven approaches and
  • Flexible, therefore superior to 2-panel line-drawing models that fall apart miserably in short order.

You’ll easily map multiple sources and targets (many-to-many, one-to-many), readily loading in as many sources and targets as required. Multiple sources, structured and unstructured data, inconsistency, variability, and complexity – all to be expected in HL7 data and healthcare are no problem!

Visual Tools, Built-In Productivity Enhancing Features and Widgets, Faster Configurations!

PilotFish’s HL7 Data Mapper is used to generate the XSLT transformations that transform any data format to any other.

XSLT Data Mapper Structure, Functions and Macros

HL7 Data Mapper (Click Image for a Full-Size Screen View)

Data Mapping is accomplished by simply dragging elements from the Source (left) pane or Target (right) pane into the center panel where logical mapping occurs. The three-pane paradigm is of particular advantage when the Source and Target have repeating or recursive elements.

Users can switch back and forth between the graphical view (shown above) and the XSLT view (V) by toggling between the tabs. For more advanced functionality, a panel of powerful XSLT functions and custom PilotFish add-ons is available above the main mapping panel.

PilotFish’s eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE has built-in support for all versions of HL7 2.x, HL7 3.x, extended and non-standards compliant versions. We also have built-in support for DICOM, CCD/CDA, CCR, EDI and more. FHIR support includes a custom FHIR Format Reader, with full support for Profiles and of the specification in our product’s Data Mapper – including the metadata. Our native XML support ensures you can handle any future healthcare standard as well.

Amazingly Easy, Robust HL7 Data Mapping for Non-Programmer Professionals and Developers Alike

Users can select from a library of custom icons to represent their source and target systems. As with our other components, this is done graphically using a simple configuration panel that lets users quickly choose from hundreds of icons designed to represent the almost unlimited number of systems they can integrate to or from. Users can add their own custom icons.

HL7 Data Mapper by PilotFish

HL7 Data Mapper (Click for a Full-Size Screen View)

As you encounter and need to work with different HL7 implementations (2.x and 3.x releases), modified versions of HL7 or different releases of HL7, you can choose from an extensive selection of HL7 format builders to build mappings from or to HL7.

HL7 2.X Data Transformation in Mapping Software

For HL7 v2 (now used by almost all production HL7 interfaces), you’d choose the HL7 v2.x Format and then go on to select the specific 2.x.x Source or Target version to map from or to.

Reading in data from a proprietary format or other format exported by a Source system is quickly accomplished with built-in, purpose-built transformation modules and format builders.

Configuration just requires changing a handful of options in the application. With PilotFish’s graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line process, interfaces are consistently built faster.

You breeze through data mapping with the only non-script driven HL7 Interface Engine. In fact, you get a complete graphical IDE – not just an IDE for programming.

Leverage Built-In Productivity and Ease-Of-Use HL7 Tools

Users quickly appreciate PilotFish’s HL7 tools that enable working with speed and efficiency such as our:

  • HL7 Parser that quickly parses imperfect, extended or non-standards messages of HL7
  • HL7 Friendly-Name Option that allows users to bind HL7 messages to or from human-readable XML
  • Custom FHIR Format Reader to easily read in FHIR data, along with the capability to map the HL7 FHIR standard to or from a canonical format.

Working with HL7 can be challenging, especially for those new to HL7 or not that experienced. However, pilotFish eases the pain with built-in user support such as:

  • HL7 Inline Documentation With the eiConsole for Healthcare, you can browse the entire HL7 vocabulary for 2.x and 3.x versions including code list tables right from within the application. No more wasting time searching for information outside of your application. Explore the HL7 data dictionary with a tree-based navigation system, similar to a file system explorer, too.
  • HL7 Vocabulary Tool PilotFish provides this free Web-based reference for the HL7 Standard. Our HL7 Vocabulary Tool is just one of the tools we have created to make working with the HL7 standard easier for healthcare solution providers. In addition, the eiConsole offers this fully-featured tool to enable the rapid implementation of HL7 standards.
  • HL7 Interface Templates You’ll also profit from PilotFish’s extensive library of pre-built HL7 Interface Templates. With the eiConsole Interface Engine, you benefit from the direct import of vendor-specific HL7 transaction samples for data mapping. While it’s certainly possible to build an entire mapping from scratch, it’s often faster to drag & drop source values onto a sample target message or transaction. You can automatically create a skeleton for your transformation with sample source and target files. You can Map-by-Message and Map-by-Sample – just select an HL7 message type or use a sample HL7 message to automatically generate a “template” using the relevant components of the HL7 vocabulary.
  • W3C Compliant XSLT Mode Developers or more experienced users can work in XSLT when and if desired by simply selecting the XSLT View tab below the middle panel. Anything created in the graphical view is updated in real-time in the XSLT view and vice versa. The computationally complete Palette of XSLT Structures, Functions and Custom Macros can be invoked. PilotFish’s color-coded editing in the XSLT view and other ease-of-use features support users who choose to work in W3C compliant XSLT mode.
  • Schema Management Are you dreading a new HL7 release? Are you feeling anxiety about migrating to a different HL7 version? Have a custom HL7 version that is too large and unwieldy to handle? Schema Management easily manages the HL7 Standard including releases, variations to the standard and custom interpretations. The eiConsole for Healthcare with HL7 Message Support transforms HL7 to create a manageable schema. The eiConsole’s Data Mapper component facilitates performing all the tasks associated with HL7 schema management including creating custom extensions, upgrading to new versions and schema slicing.

Benefit from HL7 Integration at Lightning Speed and Accelerate Interoperability, Now!

With the PilotFish Interface Engine solution and Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line, integrating with virtually anything and everything is possible immediately. Interfaces are rapidly built, managed and maintained with automated functions at each of the Assembly Line’s 7 stages. Implementation times are slashed with reuse made possible by component-driven architecture. Resource costs decrease significantly as non-developers and business analysts can do up to 80-90% of your interface work — the result: faster, pain-free, lower-cost implementations and more significant revenue capture sooner.

PilotFish eiConsole HL7 Data Mapper Demo Videos

HL7 Data Mapping in the eiConsole

Map from HL7 Message Template Demo Video (2 minutes)

How to Map HL7 Messages in PilotFish eiConsole for Healthcare

Map to HL7 Message Template Demo Video (2 minutes)

EMR Integration Video with the eiConsole.

End-to-End EMR Integration Demo Video with Extensive View of Data Mapper (12 minutes)

No matter what the integration requirements, data formats or connectivity required and without any coding or scripting – PilotFish can make your systems interoperable, now.

The eiConsole for Healthcare and the Data Mapper component are part of the PilotFish Interface Development Life Cycle, a complete system for configuring, sharing, publishing, testing, validating, deploying and maintaining complex healthcare interfaces. Download a FREE 90-Day Trial of PilotFish now!

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call 813 864 8662 or click the button.

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