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EMR & EHR Integration

PilotFish Blasts Through EMR & EHR Integration Obstacles

Solution providers continue to struggle with EMR & EHR vendor obstacles to data exchange and interoperability. Even with intense Government and industry pressure, it’s not getting any easier. So what do you do? With PilotFish, easier successful EMR & EHR integration for solution providers (in virtually every area of healthcare) isn’t a pipe dream. It’s a proven reality.

PilotFish offers a complete solution for EMR & EHR integration that includes PilotFish tools along with a consistent and repeatable process. Medical equipment and solution providers have been leveraging PilotFish’s solution for successful implementations with a long list of EMR & EHR integrations:


Accuro (QHR)GE CentricityNightingale EHR
AllscriptsGreenway HealthOmniMD
Amazing ChartsHealthscreenOpenEMR
AthenahealthKareo ClinicalPatcom
CareCloudKinLogixPointClick Care
CernerMax-GoldPractice Fusion
CIS BaseMcKesson StarPurkinje
Code-MedMedesync EMRSiemens Soarian
CureMDMedigold HealthSunquest
Dr. ChronoMEDITECHToubib
Flatiron HealthNextGen

A Common Method to Fast Track Your EHR Implementations

There are a myriad of cloud-based and on-premise EHRs & EMRs in the market today, each of which may use its own flavor of an industry-standard operability model (such as FHIR, HL7 2.x, and CCDa) or a custom integration method or API. Writing hard-coded interfaces to wire your HIT solution directly to each and every one of these is not a viable or cost-effective option.

PilotFish Client Product Quote“We were extremely pleased with the high level of service and dedication that the PilotFish team exhibited during this implementation phase. PilotFish was a true partner working hand-in-hand with the Morrison team to leverage the PilotFish integration engine solution. Together they built a foundation for a set of high-performance pipelines between HL7-based EMR and registration systems and the cloud-based JSON API exposed by MyDining.”


Mike DeMarco, Vice President of Field Systems at Compass Group

Solutions providers who work with PilotFish leverage the inherent flexibility of our “graphical automated interface assembly line” to create a single, common method for sending data into and out of their system. Once a single configuration is created, it is added to an instantly reusable library of templates that quickly evolves to cover the majority of the EMR & EHR integration landscape.

EHR Integration Diagram with PilotFish eiPlatform Software

PilotFish’s new API XML architecture allows users to encapsulate entire, “chatty” API-driven business processes in a single, easily defined workflow step.

Novel New API XL Functionality Enables Advanced RESTful API Interaction and Communication, including FHIR

Unlike other integration engines, the PilotFish eiConsole and eiPlatform provide a consistent means to adeptly handle not only large batch-oriented data and HL7 2.x messaging, but highly conversational interactions with RESTful APIs, such as FHIR services. See the API XL User Guide for more detailed documentation.

    • For HL7 based systems, PilotFish offers its custom “lenient” HL7 2.x parser, capable of immediately ingesting virtually any version or interpretation of an HL7 message, without wasting time in the cumbersome modeling of messages.
    • For those offering lightweight, RESTful APIs, our new and novel API XL architecture offers a means to encapsulate entire API-driven business processes
  • For those leveraging CCDs or other complex XML formats, our template-based approach to graphical data mapping offers dramatic improvements in productivity over solutions requiring scripting, coding, or drawing “spider webs” of interconnecting lines between fields.

Speed Up Your Timelines.  Realize Revenues Faster!

PilotFish’s eiConsole was built to maximize reuse. Generally, each new EMR & EHR implementation can be achieved by cloning an earlier effort and only making minor modifications in configuration – no programming is required. Users can simply select “duplicate” from a drop-down menu, then tweak their mapping and test and go! Reuse is not limited to entire interfaces. With PilotFish’s component-driven approach, each component and individual mappings can be duplicated and, in just seconds, utilized to speed the creation of high-quality new interfaces.

Solution providers, medical equipment and device makers are among the PilotFish clients realizing amazing productivity gains. Most clients have reported that they can tweak a default interface to bring on new customers in less than 30 minutes! Due to the ease of use of the product, most clients can utilize non-developers for 80-90% of the interface work freeing up IT talent for other projects. PilotFish’s ease-of-use is attested to as most of our clients achieve virtually 100% self-sufficiency, too.

EMR Integration Video with the eiConsole.

EHR Integration with the eiConsole for Healthcare  

Jump Start Your EMR & EHR Implementations with PilotFish!

The PilotFish integration engine solution, its “Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line” and other advances makes integrating with virtually anything and everything possible now. PilotFish solutions can disrupt the status quo stymieing you and solve your EMR & EHR Integration challenges. Call us to see the PilotFish innovations that make data exchange and interoperability with EMR & EHRs easier and faster than ever before!

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call 813 864 8662 or click the button.

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