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PilotFish Helps You Meet All Challengers and Challenges – HL7 and Beyond

Healthcare integration these days isn’t only about HL7 integration. PilotFish offers modern and robust solutions that enable data integration between any and all systems, applications, databases, operating systems, and platforms, notwithstanding the need to support the latest new technology, legacy systems, or both.

Today PilotFish’s Healthcare Integration Solution products and services are leveraged by solution providers, medical laboratories, Value Added Resellers and distributors, governments and third party providers to support their integration efforts with thousands of healthcare providers, organizations, and member companies.


Hospitals are increasingly requiring more automation and integration between very diverse systems. PilotFish’s Healthcare Integration Engine provides us with the ability to integrate these systems in the most rapid way possible. The solution is also highly configurable and extensible through open APIs. No matter what communications protocol, database or data format we need to support, PilotFish offers us that flexibility. With PilotFish the barriers to interoperability are removed, and Crothall is best positioned to meet the ever-changing needs of our hospital clients.

Michael DeMarco, Vice President, Information Services, Crothall Healthcare


Core Products

eiPlatform Interface Engine

A complete Java framework that leverages application server technology, web services, industry XML and other healthcare standards. It is highly scalable and complementary to our eiConsole Healthcare Interface Engine IDE, the graphical IDE component, comprising an advanced solution suite for healthcare integration.

eiConsole for Healthcare Integration IDE

The only Healthcare Interface Engine IDE (Developer’s Workstation) that is codeless and scriptless featuring a “self-documenting” Assembly Line and a true graphical, drag & drop, universal Data Mapper – user-friendly, yet powerful enough to accommodate ANY mapping, no matter how complex.


An optional application component that monitors the performance of the eiPlatform and provides a wealth of Business Intelligence (BI) information.


An application that resides on your iPhone or iPod (iOS8 or higher). HealthConnect facilitates integrating any HealthKit enabled medical device with anything, anywhere, using any format and any connectivity protocol.


A cloud-based solution that provides all of the resources required to establish standardized initial and ongoing healthcare information exchange. The eiTestBed links to a web repository with everything required to configure an interface to your system and a fully automated testing facility that allows validation of information exchanges before going live.

PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE)

An online marketplace for eiConsole interface templates and components. The unique architecture of the eiConsole also allows users to easily download, share, publish, and distribute eiConsole interfaces on the PIE, our “App Store”. There, eiConsole users can get a head start and find hundreds of interface templates and components. Many of these are free for download, others licensed for a fee.

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