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IoT – Internet of Things in Healthcare Integration

Internet of Things in Healthcare Integration

PilotFish Lightweight IoT Middleware Delivers Technology Solutions Critical to IoT Integration in Healthcare

The most transformative aspect of IoT for healthcare will likely be the ability to access, aggregate, share, and analyze information produced and consumed by the Things on the Internet. With this explosion of data, IoT has the potential to dramatically improve healthcare diagnosis and treatment, optimize workflow and reduce costs.

However, transformative change does not come without its challenges. To realize the full potential of IoT, data from all these millions of devices needs to be both accessible and consumable. IoT’s value, therefore, is only to be derived by the integration of these connected things with systems in the healthcare ecosystem. So, a successful IoT business strategy starts with an integration mindset and the criticality of a middleware solution to achieve the required interoperability.

PilotFish’s integration engine suite provides a complete IoT integration solution that is both flexible enough to handle the diverse connectivity, validation, data transformation, routing and delivery of information produced and consumed by the Things themselves and scalable to handle the tremendous volume of data.


PilotFish Meets the Challenges of IoT Integration and Drives Interoperability

IoT integration healthcare scenarios include large numbers of endpoints, humongous volumes of data, and the heterogeneous environments and standards that are already rife in healthcare. Here is how PilotFish’s architecture, methodologies, and functionality are built to meet these challenges confronting medical devices, equipment manufacturers, software applications, IoT and cloud solutions, and other solution providers.

Thousands of Endpoints:  PilotFish middleware uses a common model approach, one to many, many to one or many to many, dramatically reducing the number of connection points and interfaces required.

  • PilotFish’s architecture and design also allow highly leveraged reuse. Each new implementation can be achieved by cloning an earlier effort and only making minor modifications in configuration – no programming is required.
  • New client systems can be implemented much more rapidly, which in turn minimizes internal resource costs, allowing the realization of new revenues sooner. Solution providers and medical equipment and device makers are realizing fantastic productivity gains with clients reporting that they can tweak default interfaces to bring on new customers in less than 30 minutes!

Volumes of Data: Collecting streams of data from smart devices and sensors is fundamental in IoT solutions.

  • PilotFish’s middleware solution provides an elastic scalability model.
  • PilotFish’s advanced queuing handles things in a transactional nature. We support allowing as much concurrent throughput as is needed. PilotFish’s eiPlatform allows throttling of the volume of data from each channel to match throughput to the system’s capability to ingest the data. Its capabilities are reliable and easily configured.
  • The Pilotfish eiDashboard application monitors these messaging streams and provides real-time visibility with the ability to configure trigger alerts at critical stages.

Heterogeneous Environments and Standards: PilotFish’s architecture can easily be extended to support new formats and standards as they are developed.

  • PilotFish supports virtually any type of data requirement natively.
  • PilotFish technology is designed to provide seamless integration with IoT protocols and standards now and as they evolve.

Legacy Systems and Products: PilotFish’s tools automate the entire interfacing process so data can flow smoothly between legacy and new systems, as well as applications, devices, medical equipment, IoT and cloud solutions that don’t natively get along – all without any coding or scripting.

In healthcare, smart, connected products will need to coexist with traditional products and systems for a fairly sustained period. This means that transformation will be evolutionary, not revolutionary, and old and new software, devices and solutions will be operating in the same environment by necessity.


PilotFish Makes IoT Integration Easy for Solution Providers

PilotFish has success stories in virtually every area of healthcare. Solution providers and medical equipment and device makers are realizing incredible productivity gains with clients reporting that they can tweak default interfaces to bring on new customers in less than 30 minutes! Its ease-of-use is attested to as most of our clients achieve virtually 100% self-sufficiency in short order. In fact, with PilotFish, 80% to 90% of integration work can be done by non-developers, leaving in-demand IT talent free for other projects.

PilotFish easily connects IoT devices and sensors and enables connections to related information systems and operational assets, delivering more comprehensive business value than a do-it-yourself platform.

Finally, when you work with PilotFish, you get a flexible and extensible middleware solution that can meet the high volume demands of IoT. In fact, PilotFish has roots going back 22 years, meeting the demands of financial services and insurance.  Combined with its footprint in healthcare, millions of bits of data are flowing freely, connecting all these disparate systems across industries. PilotFish’s commercial, ready-built middleware solution can scale to meet every challenge of the IoT revolution, now.

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