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HL7 Frequently Asked Questions

HL7 refers to data formats and standards used to structure and share medical data and patient health information (PHI). HL7 messages include information about specific medical or administrative events and are fundamental to interoperability. HL7 standards (e.g., V2, V3, CDA, FHIR) are created and supported by the non-profit standards organization Health Level Seven International. HL7 V2 is the most widely used version of the standard in healthcare.

How to Convert HL7 2.x Message into XML and then Convert XML into JSON?

The sequence would be HL7 message (either from directory listener or LLP) -> [Source Transform] HL7 Transformer (to convert HL7 to XML) -> [Target Transform] XSLT transform (to convert XML to JSON XML) -> JSON Transformer (to create JSON) -> Directory Transport (to write the file) via the PilotFish eiConsole automated assembly line process.

Routing and Mapping HL7 Messages with PilotFish Software

Routing and Mapping HL7 Messages with PilotFish Software

How to Convert HL7 2.x Message into XML?

The HL7 2.x message is converted to a common XML representation so that a single open-source W3C language, XSLT, can be used to transform the data. In the PilotFish eiConsole, a unique 3-pane graphical Data Mapper generates the XSLT transform to affect the data transformation to the XML or other format consumable by the target system.

HL7®, HEALTH LEVEL SEVEN®, CCD®, CDA®, and FHIR® are trademarks of Health Level Seven International.

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