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Healthcare Industry Solutions

Integration Engine Solutions for Any and Every Healthcare Entity

Reliable, Scalable, Cost-Effective Healthcare Integration and Achievable Interoperability

PilotFish solutions have helped clients successfully integrate data and achieve real-world interoperability now. Our solutions are designed to overcome all the roadblocks met in healthcare ― multiple IT systems present, proprietary vendor databases, the proliferation of standards, fear of sharing data, legacy systems and new technologies, and more. With PilotFish, you’ll find a practical solution and roadmap specific to your needs that demonstrates how to move forward rapidly now.

PilotFish’s proven expertise in providing reliable, financially sustainable solutions makes it a solid, low-risk choice. Leverage our solutions to realize greater operational efficiencies, deliver highly-valued products and applications, and enable more efficient collaboration with your clients and customers.

Healthcare EDI Integration

PilotFish offers a comprehensive suite of integration solutions for healthcare, HIPAA and supply chain industries that have attracted clients from all industry areas. The solution provides an automated EDI interface configuration, validation, testing and data mapping process, making it easier for users to exchange EDI documents with trading partners. The solution supports all data formats and standards, including NCPDP, HL7, CDA, FHIR, XML and data sources outside of healthcare, making it flexible and adaptable to handle a wide range of integration requirements. The solution is fast, scalable, repeatable, affordable and enables users to better leverage the use of X12 EDI data in delivering quality healthcare and simplifying its administration.

Healthcare Payer Integration

Healthcare Payers and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) face a significant financial and time burden due to frequent changes in Medicare and Medicaid reporting and CMS regulations. PilotFish’s eiConsole for X12 EDI offers a modern solution that automates data exchange, validates healthcare X12 EDI data, and supports non-EDI formats, including several Medicare and Medicaid compliance processes such as 837 claim files, 835 remittance advice, CMS-1500, and encounter data.

Solution Provider Integration

PilotFish is an enterprise solution designed to overcome the challenges of interoperability and plug & play integration in healthcare. The healthcare industry faces difficulties with interoperability due to technical complexity, strict data security and privacy regulations, and a lack of widely adopted data exchange standards. PilotFish addresses these challenges by offering ANY to ANY integration, secure data processing and support for multiple data exchange standards including HL7, FHIR, CCD, C-CDA, DICOM and X12 EDI. PilotFish’s solution is flexible, extensible and provides secure hosting options, encrypted data transfer as well as a graphical Integrated Development Environment. The solution also offers a foundation for FHIR-based implementations and support for RESTful APIs.

Medical Equipment Integration

Integration of medical device data with EMR systems is crucial for providing comprehensive and up-to-date health information for informed decision-making and better patient care. The integration process poses challenges such as compatibility between devices and EMR systems, cost, time and scalability. PilotFish offers an interface engine solution to simplify the integration process, thus eliminating complexity and variations. This interface engine is scalable, non-script driven, self-documenting and cost-effective. PilotFish supports data standardization, connectivity, data translation and security measures such as encryption and decryption, quickly and efficiently.

EHR and EMR Integration

Despite government and industry efforts, interoperability and data-blocking, challenges remain a problem within healthcare. PilotFish offers a proven solution with a suite of products to overcome these challenges – custom-architected tools and a streamlined process that simplifies integration with EHR and EMR systems. PilotFish’s integration engine helps Solution Providers overcome data exchange challenges and facilitates interoperability with EHR and EMR systems. PilotFish has a successful track record of integration with all the major EHR and EMR systems and provides a reliable and very cost-efficient option for Solution Providers.

Hospital Integration

The healthcare industry has faced challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic, including integrating hospital systems and meeting CMS reimbursement standards. PilotFish’s integration solution helps hospitals streamline their systems and improve patient care outcomes while maintaining compliance with healthcare regulations. The solution can integrate any EHR system, medical device, database, or application and provides testing and debugging features. PilotFish supports current healthcare standards and can be customized to meet the specific needs of any hospital.

Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIE)

Data integration in healthcare is crucial for Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) when integrating data from multiple systems and databases with varying standards and data formats. PilotFish offers an integration solution that makes data integration easier and faster for HIEs, allowing them to integrate virtually with different systems and databases using any data format or communication protocol. Specific features and components are built in to make working with healthcare-specific standards easier with support for the latest healthcare standards and technologies. PilotFish’s solution is cost-effective and easy to use, allowing non-developers to do up to 90% of the configuration thus reducing the need for expensive developer talent.

Medical Lab Integration

The Affordable Care Act and expanded Medicare/Medicaid have boosted lab tests due to increased access to preventive care and screenings. COVID-19 also led to a surge in lab testing, with new reporting requirements. PilotFish offers an enterprise integration solution for medical labs to process and exchange large volumes of lab testing data, overcoming technical challenges such as data compatibility, security, data standardization, integration complexity, and limited resources. It is easy to use, scalable and has built-in automation to help labs with data exchange and integration.

State Government Integration

PilotFish offers integration solutions to State Governments to help them streamline processes, comply with federal mandates and reporting requirements as well as integrate disparate and legacy systems. The COVID-19 pandemic has increased the demand for solutions that can manage and report large amounts of data and PilotFish’s Integration Suite is well-suited for this purpose. PilotFish has helped several state governments – such as the Connecticut Department of Health with meeting CDC reporting requirements; the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the automation of loading public health data into tracking systems and the Utah Health Information Network with modernizing their processes.

Healthcare Interoperability

PilotFish’s Integration Engine Product Suite is a software platform that helps healthcare organizations to securely and accurately exchange patient data between different systems addressing the challenges of interoperability. The product suite consists of three components: the eiPlatform, eiConsole, and eiDashboard. The eiConsole provides built-in support for healthcare standards such as HL7, XML, HIPAA EDI, and FHIR. Additionally, it has data mapping and transformation, as well as message routing capabilities, to ensure secure and reliable data delivery. The product suite also provides APIs for easy integration and development.

Healthcare EDI Supply Chain Integration

PilotFish offers an all-in-one solution for X12 EDI messaging that supports all aspects of X12 EDI, including message syntax, standards, messaging protocols and transport mechanisms. Its Integration Engine provides powerful data transformation capabilities, error handling as well as real-time monitoring and reporting. Common types of supply chain and cross-use transactions supported by X12 EDI include Purchase Orders, Invoices and Payment Orders.

IoT Integration

As the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to gain traction in healthcare, it presents a vast opportunity to improve diagnosis and treatment, optimize workflows and reduce costs. This transformative change does not come without its challenges. With the explosion of data from connected medical devices and equipment, IoT’s value is only derived from integrating these things with systems in the healthcare ecosystem. A successful IoT strategy must prioritize integration and middleware solutions to achieve the required interoperability. PilotFish’s Integration engine middleware delivers the technology solutions critical to IoT integration and interoperability in healthcare.

Splunk Integration

PilotFish’s eiConsole for Splunk simplifies the integration of external data with Splunk. It provides ETL functionality and supports a wide range of data formats. The eiConsole also offers a graphical automated interface assembly line, a visual data mapper and Splunk-specific connectors to make integration seamless and intuitive without any scripting or coding. The eiConsole facilitates real-time data exchange and provides organizations with improved data quality, increased efficiency, better data analytics and reduced costs. The platform is scalable and extensible, making it future-proof.

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HL7 is the registered trademark of Health Level Seven International.
X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute for more than 35 years, develops and maintains EDI standards and XML schemas.

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