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Reliable, Scalable, and Cost-Effective Integration and Achievable Interoperability Across Today’s Healthcare Ecosystem

PilotFish solutions have helped clients successfully integrate data and achieve real-world interoperability now. Our solutions are designed to overcome all the roadblocks met in healthcare ― multiple IT systems present, proprietary vendor databases, the proliferation of standards, fear of sharing data, legacy systems and new technologies, and more.  With PilotFish, you’ll find a practical solution and roadmap specific to your needs that demonstrates how to move forward rapidly now.

PilotFish’s proven expertise in providing reliable, financially sustainable solutions makes it a solid, low-risk choice. Leverage our solutions to realize greater operational efficiencies, deliver highly-valued products and applications, and enable more efficient collaboration with your clients and customers.

EHR and EMR Implementation

The lack of mandated standards for EHR vendors makes EHR implementation and sharing data challenging at best, whether between medical devices and equipment, different departments, or other systems.

Health Information Exchanges

Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) suffer from budgets that are stretched thin and from a lack of available resources.

Hospital Integration

The eiPlatform Integration Engine supports ALL current Healthcare standards. It also provides the flexibility to handle any future standards with native support for XML and an extensible architecture.

Medical Lab Integration

With PilotFish’s Healthcare Integration Solutions, disparate formats, proprietary systems, and incompatible transmission protocols no longer are obstacles to the rapid and seamless exchange of data for medical labs and their customers and partners.

Medical Equipment Integration

Medical device integration often means dealing with non-standard HL7. Most likely you’ll also need to interface with extended versions of HL7.

Payer Integration

PilotFish meets the diverse needs of Payers with a modern and flexible system that enables leveraging HL7, XML standards, web services, and Application Server Technology.

Solution Provider Integration

Why allocate costly development resources away from your core competencies when you can black box the most advanced interface engine solution on the market?

State Government Integration

PilotFish’s Integration Solutions provide a unique value proposition for State Governments that are facing new Federal mandates, reduced budgets, and increased integration requirements.

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