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Leverage a Flexible, Customizable, Low Cost Alternative Middleware Integration Solution

Why allocate costly development resources away from your core competencies when you can black box the most advanced interface engine solution on the market? And you’ll agree that it is exceptionally attractive when it’s also offered at a price that makes in-house development a more costly alternative.

PilotFish developed the most comprehensive competitive solution today – flexible, reliable, fast, secure, and proven. Solution Providers can license it as an end user or as a VAR to be bundled with your applications. Whatever your requirements are – we offer the ease of use to get your interfaces into production fast, and when deployed, benefit from a lightning-fast performance. Our eiConsole for Healthcare offers the advantage of visually showing your customers how you can integrate their systems with yours via our impressive graphical Assembly Line process. We have made interface configuration fast and easy. We are also the only product easy enough to use so that business analysts can help with interface development and do the bulk of the maintenance.

PilotFish Client Product Quote“Our business requires us to collect and aggregate significant volumes of data from an array of disparate systems.  Through the use of the PilotFish integration solution we are able to connect with a wider variety of external systems with faster implementations and less difficulty than before.  Our ongoing initiatives and use of Pilotfish’s technologies is expanding the types of data that our products can capture and analyze leading to delivery of ever higher value to our members.”


Bill Hyden, Sr. Director of Development, The Advisory Board Company

Solution Providers are often faced with the challenge of integrating their modern, cloud-based services or applications with internal provider systems. These EMRs and other hospital systems present a Pandora’s box chock full of barriers to implementation. The PilotFish solution allows you to overcome systems that are:

  • Hard to connect with, having extremely limited access to the cloud
  • Accessible only through traditional, TCP/IP-based HL7 2.x messaging, direct database access, or nothing at all
  • Inconsistently implemented and highly customized from client to client
  • Proprietary, closed and maintainable only by the vendor

PilotFish offers a lightweight set of integration components easily distributed alongside your solution. Learn how you can navigate these obstacles and reduce the burden on your implementation teams.

Bundle Our Software with Yours, or Become a Reseller

  • Product Bundling with a Restricted License – PilotFish products can be bundled with your system with a restricted license for any interface(s) that has your system as an endpoint. When you provide your customers with an eiConsole bundle, the interface from your system can be already preconfigured; they need only configure the interface to their system, and then deploy on the eiPlatform, with just a few mouse clicks. This restricted license is a small fraction of the cost of our full licenses.
  • Optionally, customers can upgrade to a full eiPlatform and eiConsole for Healthcare license, with reseller commissions paid to you
  • Reseller Program – Become a Reseller of PilotFish products and receive generous compensation packages

Learn more about the eiConsole Healthcare Integration Engine IDE.

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call 813 864 8662 or click the button.

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