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About Us – Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration

Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration – Delivering Healthcare Interoperability

Founded in 2001, PilotFish, Inc. develops middleware to enable the integration of disparate systems – ANYTHING TO ANYTHING. PilotFish focuses solely on integration. We started out providing implementation services. Over time we built tools to speed up the integration process and leverage components for reuse.

As these tools became refined, we productized them and then provided services around them. These tools are at the core of our healthcare product offerings today. PilotFish’s suite of Healthcare Integration products and services help healthcare organizations reach interoperability goals cost-efficiently in the face of evolving healthcare standards. Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (APHI) is the healthcare subsidiary of PilotFish Technology.

Our Value Proposition

Healthcare interoperability, in the end, is about integrating disparate sets of data to limit both financial and clinical risk. Stated differently, it’s about optimizing healthy organizational and patient outcomes. People can greatly underestimate what it takes to make that work. More…

Our Methodology

We believe that the key to interoperability is loosely coupling systems. Plug & Play cannot be achieved in the near term. In healthcare, there are too many legacy and disparate systems, too many standards and too much customization. PilotFish middleware, however, can handle the differences in data formats, the extended versions of standards, and the different “flavors” of standards. More…

Our Clients

The PilotFish interface engine is consistently selected by solution providers, medical device and equipment manufacturers, application providers, HIE vendors, government entities and channel partners after side-by-side comparisons and Proof of Concepts. Faster and lower cost integrations along with a perfect record of on-time and on-budget implementations differentiate us. More…

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