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PilotFish Healthcare Integration – Rapid Cost-Effective Interoperability

It’s time to end the tyranny of months and months of IT resource intensive healthcare integrations. Faster and lower cost integrations, along with an unparalleled track record of successful on-time and on-budget implementations, differentiate PilotFish.

Founded in 2001, the focus of PilotFish is solely on integration. PilotFish’s sophisticated architecture and innovations radically simplify how healthcare integration gets done – freeing up expensive resources and slashing timelines.

PilotFish continues to offer the most flexibility and broadest support of any product on the market and is system, platform, and database agnostic. PilotFish includes support for virtually all healthcare data formats (HL7 2.x, CCD/CCDA, EDI, NCPDP, FHIR, and JSON) and communication protocols. Review the PilotFish Software Specifications Guide.

PilotFish can be leveraged for implementations across your organization and use cases. Reaching interoperability goals cost-effectively is easier by magnitudes – regardless of database, system, application or standards.

Effortless Data Integration, for Professional and Technical Users Alike, that Saves Time and Money

No matter how complex, integrations are handled by the same methodology – each and every time. Implementations typically take a few weeks, not months. Interfaces can be configured in less than 30 minutes. Up to 90% of interface requirements and work can be accomplished by business analysts and non-developers.

PilotFish’s code-free graphical automated assembly line interface not only makes integration easy for business analysts to do. The built-in automation makes it faster for developers as well.

Consistent “Assembly Line” Pattern Graphical, Drag & Drop Data Mapping
Configuration Over Code No Coding or Custom Scripting Required
Component Driven Standards Compliant (W3C XSLT)
Extensible Via Open APIs Computationally Complete

PilotFish’s integration solution is easily extended using open source components and offers infinite flexibility.

Extensive built-in support is a PilotFish strongpoint. Clients do not need to license additional modules – as support is included for new data formats, protocols, and processors, etc.

PilotFish significantly shortens project times, reduces costs, streamlines processes and boosts productivity. Revenues are realized faster as processes like onboarding are tuned for efficiency and speed.

PilotFish has shown again and again, without exception, the ability to unlock enormous benefits for healthcare clients.  Give us a call and challenge us to do the same for your organization.

To learn more, visit our Case Studies or specific solutions like HL7 Integration or EDI X12 Integration, for examples of why PilotFish will be the only healthcare integration engine solution you’ll ever need.

Our Value Proposition

Healthcare interoperability, in the end, is about integrating disparate sets of data to limit both financial and clinical risk. Stated differently, it’s about optimizing healthy organizational and patient outcomes. People can greatly underestimate what it takes to make that work. PilotFish Healthcare Interoperability Value Proposition

Our Methodology

We believe that the key to interoperability is loosely coupling systems. Plug & Play cannot be achieved in the near term. In healthcare, there are too many legacy and disparate systems, too many standards and too much customization. PilotFish middleware, however, can handle the differences in data formats, the extended versions of standards, and the different “flavors” of standards. PilotFish Methodology for Interface Software

Our Clients

The PilotFish interface engine is consistently selected by solution providers, medical device and equipment manufacturers, application providers, HIE vendors, government entities and channel partners after side-by-side comparisons and Proof of Concepts. Faster and lower cost integrations along with a perfect record of on-time and on-budget implementations differentiate us. PilotFish Healthcare Integration Clients

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