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FHIR Support from PilotFish – It’s Here Now to Accelerate Interoperability

Join PilotFish, and other organizations and vendors who have banded together to form the Argonaut project to help move implementation of the new FHIR standard forward. This project is designed to provide acceleration funding and support the political will to publish FHIR implementation guides and profiles for query/response interoperability and document retrieval.

FHIR holds great promise. As a standard, it is quite different than HL7 2.x in that it defines a set of “resources” that represent granular clinical concepts. Thus FHIR enables resources to be managed alone or aggregated into complex documents. This flexibility is well suited to solve a range of healthcare interoperability problems. At its core, FHIR is a modern technology with resources that are based on simple XML, with an HTTP-based RESTful protocol where each resource has a predictable URL. Although FHIR is based on expert clinical modeling, developers are not required to understand these details. FHIR makes it far easier for implementers. It appears to also offer more tangible benefits than past newer standards such as HL7 3.x. PilotFish is proud to be an early adopter of the FHIR standard.

In the latest upgrade PilotFish’s eiConsole for Healthcare has been enhanced to include support for FHIR. This explicit support includes enhancing PilotFish’s Data Mapper to include a FHIR format reader, permitting the drag & drop mapping of FHIR documents. As with other format readers, included with the eiConsole for Healthcare, users need only select from a drop-down menu to read in the format (see insert below).


FHIR Format Selection

The FHIR schemas are embedded within our new FHIR format builder. As seen below, users can simply select the FHIR version and desired schema to load the desired subset of the standard and associated documentation.

FHIR Version & FHIR Schema Selection


FHIR Schema Validation

Within the PilotFish Data Mapper users can enjoy the same graphical mapping ease when working with FHIR as they do already with HL7. PilotFish’s integration engine has also been enhanced to validate FHIR extensions, a key component of implementing a FHIR-compliant integration.

FHIR represents a modern standard where users can leverage Web Standards. In addition to the new FHIR support PilotFish has already implemented support for a number of core technologies that FHIR users will benefit from, such as Web Standards like JSON, HTTP, etc. and RESTful architecture. These modern technologies have much to offer. Adding support to the eiConsole for Healthcare for FHIR is just another example of how the eiConsole is easily extensible to grow with an organization as technology continues to evolve.

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