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PilotFish consistently wins in side-by-side evaluations ranking higher in overall ease-of-use, depth of functionality and time to configure, test and deploy integrations.

PilotFish Client Product Quote“PilotFish is extremely flexible, intuitive and easy to use. There are so many different methods to transform messages. There are videos, tutorials and extensive documentation to consult on how to use this product even after training. The team at PilotFish is also very responsive for any questions.”


Information Technology & Services Manager

With PilotFish’s Graphical Automated Interface Assembly line process and open APIs, interfaces can be created and maintained at unprecedented speed. No coding, no scripting is required. 

Note: PilotFish’s base licensing includes every component we offer – all our Processor, Listener and Transport Adapters and all supported data formats – at no extra cost.

See PilotFish in action.

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X12 EDI Videos

PilotFish’s eiConsole for X12 includes more X12 EDI specific functionality and tools for EDI transformation than any other product on the market. View the videos EDI Quick Tour, EDI 837 Claims Processing, EDI Validation (SNIP 1-7) and more.

HL7 Integration Video Icon

HL7 Videos

PilotFish’s eiConsole for HL7 adeptly handles all HL7 2.x messaging (compliant and non-compliant), plus HL7 3.x, HL7 FHIR, CCD/CDA, DICOM, XSD, XML, JASON and more. View the videos Data Mapping from HL7 Messaging, Inline HL7 Documentation and more.

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General Healthcare Videos

PilotFish is the only Healthcare Interface Engine you’ll ever need. Integrate anything to anything faster and easier using PilotFish’s exclusive Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line. View video HL7 & EDI to Database & Web Services and more.

Splunk Integration Video Icon

Splunk Videos

PilotFish, a leader in integration engine solutions, has been helping companies connect and exchange data with disparate systems for over two decades. Splunk Inc. is the leading platform for Operational Intelligence.

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