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EDI X12 Transaction Integration Made Painless with PilotFish’s eiConsole for X12

With the eiConsole for EDI X12, exchanging EDI documents with your trading partners has never been easier. As a select distribution partner of X12, PilotFish has been licensed to redistribute artifacts of the X12 standard as a component of its new eiConsole for EDI X12 bundle. PilotFish’s integration engine solutions can now be leveraged by X12’s installed base to significantly lower costs and speed up implementation times.

EDI X12 Integration Engine Video

Introduction to the eiConsole for EDI X12

The eiConsole for EDI X12 allows healthcare users to quickly leverage the EDI X12 data that is critical to significant developments in population health initiatives and analytics. Healthcare solution providers in virtually every area of healthcare benefit immediately from PilotFish’s unified and automated approach to EDI transaction processing. To start, they are now able to quickly realize newly efficient processes resulting in significantly lower operational and maintenance costs. This helps lower the cost of delivering healthcare and processing claims.

With PilotFish tools, users can handle virtually any integration requirement. They can use any communication protocol and any data format to easily configure interfaces following a graphical automated interface assembly line process (all without any coding or scripting). By building an in-depth knowledge of the X12 schemas and standards in the eiConsole for EDI X12, PilotFish delivers productivity-boosting features that strip away the technical complexity of parsing, validating, mapping and producing EDI X12 files.

With functionality unlocked by the eiConsole for EDI X12 bundle, users are now able to:

  • Parse ANY X12 Transaction as XML
  • Validate X12 Messages during processing for structure and basic SNIP levels
  • Review and Map XML using human-readable (and easily understood) “Friendly Names”
  • Automatically Convert to human-readable text all encountered compact-consistent code values
  • Browse and Search the hierarchy of any X12 Message during data mapping
  • Produce ANY X12 Transaction from a corresponding XML representation
  • Scale to Interface large X12 Transactions through parallelized batch processing


EDI Interface Configuration Made Easy Following a Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line

As with PilotFish’s other products, in the eiConsole for EDI X12, interfaces are configured in an assembly line fashion via a graphical automated interface assembly line. The structured 7 stages provide a consistent means for configuring an interface, no matter how complex or straightforward. Regardless of the type of integration, the process is always the same, whether you are working with EDI, HL7, CDA, FHIR, XML or some other data format! So now your team only needs to learn and use one tool. It’s so intuitive and easy to learn that up to 90% of configurations can be done by non-technical staff.

Unlike other EDI Interface Engine solutions, PilotFish provides a consistent means to adeptly handle not only large batch-oriented data and EDI messaging, but also highly conversational XML and JSON APIs – including new versions of X12, HL7, FHIR and any other data format or industry standard that you need. Configuration requires changing only a handful of options in the application.

EDI 837 Route or Interface Example in the EDI X12 eiConsole.

The eiConsole’s Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line (have as many source and target systems as you like – one to one, many to many, or many to one)


PilotFish Redefined How HL7 Integration Gets Done – Now Does the Same for EDI X12

The eiConsole includes many automated features to speed up configuring EDI X12 interfaces. For example, the eiConsole for EDI X12 includes an EDI Format Builder (seen screen below) which loads a rich data dictionary for EDI transactions including field-level documentation and friendly field names. In the eiConsole, the EDI format reader provides automatic processes to parse and read in X12 transactions. Mapping all HIPAA EDI transactions is easy with PilotFish, too!


Select the X12 Transaction for the EDI Format Builder

eiConsole for Healthcare EDI Format Builder’s Drop-Down Menu


PilotFish’s Friendly Names Feature Avoids the Speed Bumps in Data Transformations & Mappings

With Friendly Names, you can save hundreds (if not, thousands) of hours of user effort, at any skill level, now spent in deciphering and dealing with EDI X12 transaction segments and fields. That translates into cost savings and greater ROI.

To enable the Friendly Names option when transforming or mapping data, users simply check a “Use Friendly Names…” box. When used in conjunction with the eiConsole for EDI X12, users can create drag & drop data mappings using only the “friendly” versions of the HL7 field names.


Inline documentation supplies understandable names for EDI segments, fields and code descriptions.

The eiConsole for EDI X12 offers the Friendly Names feature which provides human-readable segment, field, and code descriptions inline. (Click for full-size image)


A little background will highlight why PilotFish’s Friendly Names option so significantly speeds up working with EDI X12. An EDI X12 transaction is a hierarchical structure associated with a trigger event, e.g., a lab result, admission, claim, etc.  EDI transaction sets typically contain a large number of data segments. The segments can each contain large numbers of individual fields. Depending on the type of the field, each can be made out of multiple components (by default, separated by “^”) where each of them can also have subcomponents. The abstraction of EDI X12 coding has the desired advantage of resulting in quite small transactions. However, such abstraction ends up being cryptic to less than expert users – and even expert users.


The eiConsole for EDI X12 Equals Rapid EDI X12 Transaction Integration

When using the eiConsole’s Data Mapper component, HIPAA EDI X12 transactions (such as the 820, 834, and 837 specifications) are all parsed and mapped simply and quickly. In addition, the transformer is customizable for each transaction type. Transformation modules also exist to parse a wide variety of formats, including JSON, flat files and CSVs. Users can also automatically create a baseline for mapping by importing vendor-specific transaction samples, allowing easier data mapping to the specific requirements of the endpoint system. While it’s possible to start from scratch, it’s rarely necessary. With PilotFish reusability, it’s simple to Clone, Tweak, Test and Go!

In the eiConsole for EDI X12, select the EDI format builder from a drop-down list of pre-built format readers.

In the eiConsole for EDI X12, select the EDI format builder from a drop-down list of pre-built format readers.

EDI X12 Tools Technical Demonstration Video

EDI X12 Tools Technical Demonstration Video

Bottom Line Benefits for EDI X12 Users across Healthcare from the X12 and PilotFish HIT Partnership

The eiConsole for EDI X12 offers immediate benefits to EDI X12 users across healthcare starting with more efficient processes which result in lower operational and maintenance costs. PilotFish’s solution allows healthcare users to leverage the EDI X12 data critical to major developments in population health initiatives and analytics, lowering the cost of delivering healthcare and accelerating claims processing.

X12’s historic partnership program with PilotFish helps arms healthcare organizations as the electronic data exchange world changes at lightning speed. This is creating startling new realities for business. X12 and PilotFish now give EDI X12 healthcare customers integration options and strategies to adapt more quickly and profitably to these trends.  X12 recognizes PilotFish as one of a select few companies to have demonstrated an ongoing and longstanding commitment to the advancement of X12 standards we are proud to be their partner.  Read more about our partnership in the press release X12 Announces Partnership with PilotFish to Benefit X12 Users Across Healthcare.

For more on PilotFish’s EDI tools and resources, go to Building an EDI Interface in 10 Easy Steps,  EDI Data Mapping and EDI Transactions.

We invite you to take advantage of PilotFish’s eiConsole for EDI X12 by downloading a full, FREE 90-Day Trial Version of our software. Users can try out our new EDI Transformation Module and Format Builder. With the eiConsole EDI X12 Quick Start Tutorial, users can complete an end-to-end interface in less than 20 minutes and get a real sense of the ease-of-use of PilotFish’s Interface Engine solutions.

Product Note: The eiConsole may be purchased with X12 artifacts, or X12 artifacts may be licensed directly from X12.

For more information please call us at 813 864 8662 or click the link below to email us.

HL7 is the registered trademark of Health Level Seven International. X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute for more than 35 years, develops and maintains EDI standards and XML schemas.

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