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Radically Change How Quickly You Can Integrate with Exchange Partners

Health Information Exchanges (HIE) suffer from budgets that are stretched thin and from a lack of available resources. Bringing on new customers is one of their most time and resource intensive demands.

The PilotFish eiTestBed for Healthcare Integration makes the customer implementation process entirely self-service and automated. The eiTestBed slashes the resources required and their cost compared to your previous customer implementations.

“With the implementation of the PilotFish integration middleware, UHIN has already seen dramatic gains in the manageability and flexibility of our trading partner communications. These technical benefits have been coupled with improvements in team productivity, allowing our organization to deliver a much higher level of service to our members than was previously possible. We’ve been gratified that in a matter of less than three months, several hundred unique data flows have been implemented by a small team of UHIN employees. The fact that the team is largely self-taught in the PilotFish products is real testament to how easy to learn and use the software really is.”

Dallin Johnston, Chief Operating Officer for the Utah Health Information Network (UHIN)

Benefit from PilotFish’s Comprehensive Self-Service, Automated Interface Distribution, Testing, Validation and Implementation Resource

With an eiTestBed, your HIE staff no longer needs to:

  • Weed through files and emails to individually send customers your implementation specifications and files.
    The eiTestBed’s online repository provides everything customers need to configure an interface to your system. Simply publish these to the eiTestBed once, send customers the URL, and you’re done.
  • Individually desk-check sample data payloads.
    The eiTestBed’s automated validation replaces time-intensive and tedious desk checking by your HIE staff.
  • Field endless customer questions by email and phone.
    The eiTestBed provides actionable error messages that tell your customers not just that a problem occurred, but also how to fix it in detail.
  • Spend hours tracking down why a customer’s message failed a test.
    The eiTestBed displays a customer self-service log of messages that replaces manual troubleshooting by your HIE staff.
  • Hand-hold customers through implementations.
    The eiTestBed is fully automated to provide self-service integration with Help Screens and Tutorials offering assistance every step of the way.

Watch a 5 Minute Presentation to See How it Works

EiPortal Video

Just like all our other products that offer a rich, graphical user interface, the eiTestBed is user-friendly and provides your data exchange partners with everything they need to configure, test and validate interfaces to your HIE’s system including simulated responses to inbound messages.

To learn more now, take a brief walkthrough  “Six Steps to Getting Your Customers Implemented via the eiTestBed”

The PilotFish eiTestBed for Healthcare Integration can be customized to meet your exact requirements in as little as 4 weeks. The eiTestBed is powered by technology licensed by Fortune 500 companies, standards organizations, and State Government. Call us today to discuss your unique requirements.

For a custom Demo or more information, please call  813 864 8662 or click the link below to email.

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