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eiConsole Interface Engine IDE

The Interface Engine IDE that Makes Configuring Interfaces Easy!

Build healthcare interfaces faster with the eiConsole for Healthcare using our exclusive “self-documenting” Automated Interface Assembly Line. Benefit from virtually unlimited extensibility with the only commercially supported healthcare interface engine and solution that lets you leverage open source components with open APIs, using Java or a .NET bridge.


Interface Engine Software by PilotFish Showing the Graphical Assembly Line

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With the eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE, you build your healthcare interfaces with an Automated Interface Assembly Line process that:

  • Reduces complexity and eliminates variations between interfaces
  • Eliminates all dependencies on who built an interface
  • Is natively “self-documenting” enabling 80-90% of interface development to be done by business analysts
  • Helps you breeze through data mapping with the only 3-pane graphical, drag & drop “Universal” Data Mapper
    • The only non-script driven HL7 Interface Engine
    • Generates W3C compliant XSLT
    • Handles any data mapping, no matter how complex
  • Has the most extensive HL7 productivity-boosting features of any product

Graphically Configure Interfaces with No Coding or Scripting!

In the eiConsole for Healthcare, each interface is constructed from a common set of stages (including Listeners, Processors, Transformations, Routers, and Transports). Drop-down menus and simple configuration screens make building healthcare interfaces easy. All data mapping can be done using drag & drop, and components can be graphically configured with no programming. Learn more about the eiConsole’s Assembly Line.

PilotFish Client Product Quote“PilotFish Healthcare met all the criteria we had established for selecting an integration engine solution. However, what really impressed us was the ease-of-use of their solution. The PilotFish eiConsole for Healthcare IDE uses a graphical Assembly Line approach to configuring complex interfaces that is simple, intuitive and fast.”

Ron Gastin, Vice President Technology at Morrison Healthcare

PilotFish’s eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE has built-in support for all versions of HL7 2.x, 3.x, extended and non-standards compliant versions. We also have built-in support for DICOM, CCD/CDA, CCR, and EDI. PilotFish FHIR support includes a FHIR Format Reader, with support for Profiles and full support of the specification in our product’s Data Mapper including the metadata. Our native XML support ensures you can handle any future healthcare standard.

Supported Standards

  • CSV
  • Semi-Structured Text
  • XML
  • JSON
  • PDF
  • Zip
  • Binary (.wav, .jpg)

When the eiConsole for Healthcare IDE is combined with the eiPlatform Healthcare Interface Engine, the developer has a complete Java framework for the high volume, secure, run-time processing of healthcare interfaces. Read our impressive list of Healthcare Integration Case Studies where we have an unparalleled track record of successful implementations!

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions.  Please call  813 864 8662 or click the button.

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