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Medical Lab Integration

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Interoperability Solved for High-Volume Data Exchange and the Diverse Customer Requirements of Medical Labs

With PilotFish’s Healthcare Integration Solutions, disparate formats, proprietary systems, and incompatible transmission protocols are no longer obstacles to the rapid and seamless exchange of data for medical labs and their customers and partners.

PilotFish’s widely-recognized best-of-breed solution delivers powerful performance while non-technical employees, after a week of training, can handle 80% of tasks, practically from Day 1. Implementation and ongoing maintenance are both efficient and easy.

PilotFish Client Product Quote“In metrics, we are finding that by leveraging PilotFish solutions interfacing time has decreased by 50%. With PilotFish we can be more responsive and accommodating to our clients and deliver payloads that are accurate, an absolute necessity in healthcare data exchange. As a result, we consider PilotFish our best vendor of choice.”


David Brajkovich, Director of Business Applications Development at Gamma-Dynacare (LabCorp’s Canadian Subsidiary)

The PilotFish eiPlatform (EIP) run-time and complementary eiConsole Healthcare Interface Engine IDE rationalize a myriad of data formats, communication protocols, programming languages, and encryption methods. These are used throughout transformation to a single common set of standards, providing a “common language”, so ANYTHING your customers provide can be accepted– now and in the future.

Medical Lab Integration with the eiPlatform (EIP)

Accept Any Format Your Customers Provide via Any Communication Protocol

With PilotFish’s solutions, you’ll never have to turn away a Data Exchange Partner again because you cannot accept their data formats. PilotFish’s interface engine mediates differences in standards and protocols enabling interoperability with virtually any system, database, or application, and using any protocol. PilotFish supports more protocols than any other product (more than 24 out-of-the-box) and our Open APIs provides unlimited flexibility.

Structured Approach and Assembly Line Process – Lab integration is fast, too, with the eiConsole’s “Assembly Line” process for building interfaces and its fully graphical IDE. No coding is required, although a full-featured XSLT editor is under the covers, only a tab toggle away.

Our codeless and scriptless interface configuration means that the majority of interfaces can be created by non-developers, greatly expanding your resource pool.

Full Inline Support of the HL7® Vocabulary – You’ll speed up lab integration with full inline support of the HL7 vocabulary. This includes not only the ability to browse all of the messages in the standard, but to view the associated field descriptions and codelists. Partner and system-specific messages can also be used as examples to “slim” the view to include relevant fields. Once you have configured the appropriate view, mapping to or from a given message is accomplished through the eiConsole’s intuitive drag & drop Data Mapper.

More HL7 Productivity Features – The eiConsole offers more HL7 productivity-boosting features than any other product. So you can handle whatever your customers send your way. For example:

  • Are you dealing with extended versions of HL7? No problem. Automate mapping between slightly incompatible HL7 messages with the eiConsole’s HL7 Differencing Engine.
  • Are you working with non-standards compliant HL7? Perform “Lenient Parsing” of HL7 messages with our included Lenient Parsing module and easily work with messages not strictly adherent to the HL7 standard.
  • Are new staff members struggling with all those cryptic HL7 names? Use our Friendly Name Option to easily replace them with simple, understandable synonyms.

You can also convert to an Excel Spreadsheet, Cobol Copybook, or an EDI format by choosing from an extensive list of processors (over 75) and configurable connectivity, transformation, and data manipulation components.

After your interfaces are built and you are ready to deploy, the eiPlatform provides a simple deployment platform with all of the robust audit, monitoring, and performance features expected of an enterprise-class middleware solution.

Future-Proof Solution – The eiPlatform not only supports FTP transmission, it also supports web services and over 24 other protocols. It is easily extended through our Open APIs to support any future protocol or standard and for adding additional components.

Learn more about the eiPlatform Interface Engine (Java Runtime) and the eiConsole for Healthcare (Interface Engine IDE)

PilotFish Healthcare Integration solutions take the complexity out of Lab integration. Want to learn more, call or contact us via email for a custom demo or POC.

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call 813 864 8662 or click the button.

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