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Release Notes 24R1

PilotFish Product Release 24R1 New Features and Updates

New Product Features & Improvements – MAR 2024


  • 3rd Party Libraries Patched:
    • Updates 3rd party libraries to the latest versions, fixing vulnerabilities and enabling the latest functionality. Benefits include improved security and access to new features.
  • Saxon Engine Upgrade:
    • Upgrades the Saxon Engine to version 12.4, (up from v10) offering new functionality. This enhances XML processing capabilities and improves performance. See their documentation for new functionality.
  • Additional Libraries Configuration:
    • Requires additional libraries to be installed in the runtime/lib directory or equivalent and will no longer be loaded from your ../eip-root/lib directory enhancing organization and allowing for better management of dependencies.
  • Source Transaction Listener Tracking:
    • Tracks source transaction listeners between route callouts, enabling more detailed transaction logging during complex routing scenarios.
  • Versioning in Route Configuration:
    • Adds versioning to route configuration files, facilitating future upgrades and providing better control over configuration changes. When publishing route.xml changes, it is added as an attribute to the root element.
  • Transaction Logging Enhancements:
    • Implements a new transaction logging method that does not use the transaction event listener. This connects to a JMS broker and can push logs in either XML or JSON, allowing for more efficient transaction logging.
    • Adds enhanced expression evaluation to transaction attributes table in Transaction Logging Tabs.
    • Adds ability to use regular expressions in the transaction attributes table in Transaction Logging Tabs.



  • Emulator and Testing Updates:
    • Updates the embedded Tomcat to version 10.1.17, providing improved performance and compatibility.
  • Transformers:
    • OGNL and XSLT: Enables OGNL (Object-Graph Navigation Language) on XSLT filename fields, enhancing flexibility in XSLT transformation configurations.
    • Saxon as Default XSLT Engine: Enforces Saxon as the default selected XSLT engine, offering better compatibility and performance.
    • Deprecation of Xalan Engine: Deprecates the Xalan engine, signaling a transition to newer and more efficient technologies.


Module Enhancements

  • AI Module:
    • Adds OpenAI Processor, enabling interaction with the Open AI Completion API, facilitating integration with AI capabilities.
      • Example use case would be dealing with unstructured data which can pull elements from data provided to its prompt with a task to parse those elements into a CSV. With the data now in a structured CSV format, other PilotFish modules can be subsequently leveraged to transform, extract and map the data to other systems.
  • AWS Module:
    • Introduces AWS S3 Listing Processor, enhancing integration capabilities with AWS services. This returns objects in a specified bucket as a list in XML.
    • Enhances AWS SQS Listener, allowing for automatic rebuilding of SQS connections during polling intervals, improving reliability and uptime. This is necessary when caching credentials that have expirations, otherwise data will stop being polled when credentials expire.
    • Adds AWS Transcribe Processor which initiates transcription jobs (speech to text) on AWS Transcribe given an S3 Bucket Object for input and output.
  • EDI Module:
    • Adds Skip SNIP Validation Rules Processor and enhances SNIP Validation Processor, providing better control over EDI message validation.
    • Adds the ability to skip specific Code Sets during SNIP validation.
    • Enhances support for the following message types: 837-X298, 824, 278-X216
    • Improves support for various message types, enhancing interoperability and compliance with industry standards.
  • File System Module:
  • XML Module:
  • Logging Module:
    • Enhances Log Message Processor with the option to append transaction IDs to log messages, improving traceability and debugging. Adds a checkbox to append transaction IDs to log messages. Not enabled by default.
  • HL7 Module:
    • Fixes an issue related to loading HL7 2.8.2 vocabulary on certain HL7 messages, eliminating an exception and ensuring compatibility and stability.
  • APIXL Module:
    • Improves resource usage when performing implicit JSON transforms within APIXL, enhancing performance in these scenarios.


  • Angular Update and Compatibility:
    • Updates Angular to version 16 and adds compatibility for Tomcat 10.1+, ensuring the latest features and compatibility with modern infrastructure.
  • Dynamic Reports Enhancements:
    • Adds relative time filter and date ranges to transaction attributes tables, enabling more consistent performance and advanced querying capabilities.
    • Adds ability to do “Group By” in Dynamic Reporting, providing additional dimensionality and flexibility in report generation.


  • Read Only File System Docker Images:
    • Offers read-only file system Docker images, enhancing security and stability in containerized environments.

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