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eiTestBed for Healthcare Integration

New eiTestBed – Self-Service Onboarding of Healthcare Information Exchange Partners

The new eiTestBed is a cloud-based app that automates the entire process of onboarding information exchange partners by providing an online self-service implementation, testing, and validation facility. It is specifically designed for HIEs, Medical Labs, Software Providers, State Agencies, Medical Device or Equipment Manufacturers and Payers as well as any other entities that offer a standard set of interfaces, file formats or web services for the benefit of consumption by many customers.

The eiTestBed dramatically reduces the time, effort and cost of onboarding multiple information exchange partners and will free up your staff from the very time-consuming process of exchange partner onboarding.

The eiTestBed automates the onboarding process by providing:

  1. One central source for everything a new information exchange partner requires to interface with your system
  2. 24/7 access which enables partners to self-implement on their own schedule
  3. Actionable error messages that tell your exchange partners not just that a problem occurred, but also how to fix it

The eiTestBed end-to-end automated process is so easy and intuitive that one-on-one communications between you and partners will be infrequent. To your mutual benefit, you’ll find interactions limited to truly implementation-unique issues.


eiTestBed Delivers Rapid Customer Onboarding across Healthcare

eiTestBed Delivers Rapid Customer Onboarding across HealthcarePowered by PilotFish’s Proven Technology, used by Fortune 500 Companies and Governments


The eiTestBed provides a Web repository that contains your entity’s implementation guides, sample data and interface templates and also combines it with a fully automated testing facility.

  • The testing facility enables message submission, validation and emulation of information exchanges between you and your information exchange partners, before going live.
  • Help screens, illustrated tutorials and a video will walk your exchange partners through how to use it.

The eiTestBed benefits any organization that offers a standard set of interfaces, file formats or Web services that need to be consumed by many data exchange customers, including:

HIEs: Onboard hundreds or even thousands of exchange members simultaneously while ensuring that exchange standards are met and messages have valid formats and content.

Labs: Publish documentation and formats so that their customers can self-implement electronic orders for medical tests, statuses and results.

Government Departments and Agencies: Automate the certification process for conformance with national standards as well as their internal processing requirements.

Medical Device and Equipment Manufacturers: Provide documentation, interface templates, and a testbed so products can be quickly implemented and interfaced with hospital and laboratory systems.

Cloud-based Software Providers: Publish all of the standard APIs or interfaces to and from your cloud application as well as provide a test bed for third-party integrators.

Payers: Enforce compliance with federally mandated standards for critical processes such as claims, billing, and other financial transactions while making it simpler for exchange partners to achieve compliance and conduct business.

Data exchange and interoperability can be sped up significantly as solution providers and organizations deploy the eiTestBed to their new and current exchange partners.


Flexible, Pluggable Architecture Out-of-the-Box & Configurable to Meet Unique Needs

Every eiTestBed is branded to your specifications and customized to include an implementation-specific tutorial, interface documentation, and message validation rules. Further customization to support unique security and transmission protocols, reporting requirements and endpoint system simulations is also available.

In as little as 4 weeks (or even fewer), you can be up and running. You, your partners and your patients will all benefit as PilotFish’s eiTestBed eliminates 80% of the time and effort required to interface with new customers.

Follow the link for a Step-by-Step Guide to Using the eiTestBed in 6 easy steps.

To find out more about how an eiTestBed can help your organization leverage automation, self-service testing and validation please call us at 813 864 8662 or click the link below to email us.

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