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Hospital Integration

The Interface Engine Solution That Provides a Future-Proof Integration Strategy

The eiPlatform Integration Engine supports ALL current Healthcare standards. It also provides the flexibility to handle any future standards with native support for XML and an extensible architecture. PilotFish also offers the only commercially supported HL7 interface engine that lets you leverage open source components with Open APIs, so extensibility is effectively limitless.

PilotFish supports integration with any EHR system, medical device, database or application, for which out-of-the-box interfaces do not exist.  Using PilotFish integration can be accomplished faster and more cost-effectively. It is a compelling advantage in a competitive comparison.

Hospital Integration with EHR System


Leverage Non-Developers Who Can Easily Configure Interfaces with the PilotFish Graphical “Assembly Line”

Why continue to be dependent solely on programmers for building interfaces? Open up your integration resource pool to non-developers who can do rapid interface configuration with a point, click, drag & drop environment for building, managing, and maintaining interfaces.

Our exclusive “Assembly Line” structured approach, drop-down palettes with an available list of options, easy-to-fill-out configuration screens, and a unique, codeless Data Mapper make even the most complex mappings easy to execute. No scripting to be learned. Our IDE is self-documenting, too, so you are free from any dependency upon who built an interface.

The eiConsole Healthcare Interface Engine IDE, the developer’s workstation, is the only fully graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for building and configuring interfaces without requiring any coding or scripting.

Leverage PilotFish’s Extensible Modern Architecture

PilotFish offers a radically new approach to interface development with a modern architecture that mediates the differences between the myriad of healthcare formats and communications protocols. Clients capture huge productivity gains by implementing our many-to-one and one-to-many common model method of integration. Additionally, our product generates W3C compliant XSLT, so you are no longer tied to a vendor.

PilotFish also offers more HL7 specific features and components than any other solution. Dealing with extended versions of HL7, or non-standards-compliant HL7 is instantaneous. Quickly move from HL7 2.x versions with a simple drop-down menu. Learn more about our HL7 Features – Inline, graphical, end-to-end testing and debugging. Requiring no special hardware or wait time is integral. Full support for error logging and routing at any stage is provided, as well.

Rapid Development and Deployment and Further Insurance for the Future

After configuring interfaces with the eiConsole, they are deployed with just a mouse click on the eiPlatform server. Featuring a complete Java framework, the eiPlatform allows you to leverage application server technology, web services, and industry XML standards – for flexibility, future-proofing, and sustainability!

Leverage PilotFish’s Proven Technology

PilotFish’s investment in modern architecture and an advanced development environment for healthcare integration allows us to help you rapidly build and deploy interfaces. Achieving Meaningful Use is realistically within reach with PilotFish solutions.

We invite you to see for yourself what we can do for you within days of our receiving sample data formats of the systems you wish to integrate. We will commit to rapid delivery of a POC that proves the speed, power, quality, and flexibility of our solutions.

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call 813 864 8662 or click the button.

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