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Integration & Interface Engine Solutions - Any Platform, Database or OS

Licensing Options for Any Requirement

PilotFish, unlike many competing offerings, has focused on both architecting the company’s software and creating a business model to meet the needs of Solution Providers, Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Medical Equipment and Device Makers. We know one-size-fits-all doesn’t work in healthcare. That’s why PilotFish offers flexible pricing options to suit any business requirement.

A monthly subscription license for our eiPlatform interface engine and eiConsole IDE is just under $3,500 per month. Unlike many other vendors, our licensing includes an unlimited number of dev, test and cold backup servers. We do not charge per interface or connection and all components and modules are included. (There are also no extra charges for communications protocols or for support for different data formats). For startups who only need to build a few interfaces and have low message volumes, we offer an entry level license package.

PilotFish’s business model offers top licensing value to end users, Value Added Resellers and solution providers who wish to bundle our integration engine with their products or services. PilotFish is for any entity who wants the easiest and best solution to support and speed up the integration of ANYTHING to ANYTHING.

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End Users

Leverage the Best Solution to Your Integration Requirements Based on Time, Cost, Quality, and Risk – and Boost Your Bottom Line

In Proof of Concept (POC) bake-offs against other leading interface engines, medical device & equipment manufacturers and solution providers consistently select PilotFish. Our verified perfect track record of on-time and on-budget implementations in project after project is yet another key advantage. Learn more about PilotFish End User Licenses >


The PilotFish Interface Engine – The Perfect “Add-On” to Your Healthcare Solutions

Whether you are a provider of cloud services, software applications, medical equipment or devices, rapid implementation and integration of your solution is critical to your success. Organizations can achieve these goals by leveraging PilotFish Integration Solutions through our expansive Value Added Reseller and Product Bundling program. Learn more about PilotFish Reseller Licenses >

Product Bundling

Black Box, Private Label, Branded and Bundled Licensing

Organizations can bundle PilotFish’s eiPlatform server with their own applications to support rapid integration of ANYTHING to ANYTHING including EHRs, billing, pharmacy and more. Save your teams time building and maintaining interfaces with our complementary product, the eiConsole for Healthcare IDE where they can utilize our exclusive Assembly Line Process. Learn more about PilotFish Product Bundling Licenses >

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