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Achieving Interoperability

Accelerate Interoperability in Healthcare

Removing Interoperability Roadblocks in Integration

PilotFish Interoperability in Healthcare Infographic

Kick your integration roadblocks to the curb with PilotFish’s Hybrid Integration Platform. PilotFish provides an integrated suite of components, features and tools that address all obstacles to integration. PilotFish users have everything they need to be more productive and efficient as well as rapidly integrate systems, databases, equipment and services. 

1. Manual Processes

Huge productivity gains and improvements in data integrity can be achieved by automating processes. PilotFish’s graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line provides users with a proven step-by-step process to not just configure interfaces but to also build, manage and maintain them. With PilotFish, building and deploying interfaces is not dependent on expertise in Java, XML, XSLT or other enabling technologies. Drag & drop data mapping is performed visually with PilotFish’s exclusive 3-pane data mapper – even the most complex mappings can be done in minutes. (Watch 90-sec Data Mapper Video Demo.)

Non-developers and business analysts can be key players in the building, managing and maintenance of interfaces with PilotFish. Our standardized, repeatable integration process and easy-to-learn software can handle any data format or requirement thus speeding up automation. Organizations save time and money, free up expensive developer resources as well as reduce training and maintenance costs.

2. API Focus

Are you sure an API-led integration will address the majority of your B2B integration requirements? PilotFish includes built-in capabilities to handle any mix of API, X12 or other data formats in B2B integrations While extremely beneficial in certain integration scenarios, creating APIs and integrating with them requires programming expertise, more time and effort to implement and much more post-deployment maintenance.  APIs are also not intended for transactional interfaces or standards-based integration. For most back-end internal system integrations, APIs simply cost more to develop and maintain without adding any real value.

PilotFish excels in messaging, event and transactional integrations. PilotFish also provides the expertise needed to build the data layer for API implementations and understands the issues of security, governance or compliance layers that many non-standardized API integrations don’t currently provide. In today’s complex environment, you need a robust unified hybrid integration platform that will handle any and all integrations well, including APIs

3. HL7 & EDI Complexity

PilotFish software has been architected to support handling the nuances of any industry’s information exchange and with it, the semantics of its data and standards. PilotFish offers comprehensive support and features specifically for HL7 Messages and X12 EDI Transactions  – including all versions of HL7 2.x, HL7 3.x, FHIR, X12 EDI HIPAA Transactions, X12 EDI Supply Chain Transactions and the myriad of X12 versions found in legacy systems.  

PilotFish’s EDI and HL7 transformation modules have been specifically designed to be lenient. This custom feature ensures that virtually anything that even looks like HL7 or EDI can be parsed for future processing.  Built-in data quality and efficiency features strip away the technical complexity of parsing, validating, mapping and producing HL7 and X12 EDI files. Until the time when HL7 FHIR becomes the predominant standard in healthcare, users of PilotFish’s integration engine can continue to work with older or legacy technologies knowing that they will be able to just “turn the switch.” Built on deep expertise in HL7 and X12, PilotFish offers features and capabilities that make users far more productive and interfaces far easier to implement and maintain. 

4. Non-Standard Formats

PilotFish provides out-of-the-box support for virtually every other data format you might encounter. You can accept data as Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents, email attachments, JSON, flat files, CSVs and much more. Users can parse any format from any source too – including APIs, XML, web services, cloud applications, portals and others. PilotFish accepts structured and unstructured data to be transformed into any required format. With the PilotFish integration solution, in addition to the wide range of built-in Listeners, Transports and Processors offered, APIs can also be easily added. Users can “wrap” existing Listeners or connectors. This facilitates reuse and helps preserve your investment in technology. 

PilotFish enables multiple patterns for reuse including: cloning existing interfaces and tweaking them; utilizing a library of existing templates to select the closest to what is required for a new interface;  using an existing interface as-is for multiple integration points and chaining “standard” interfaces with implementation-specific variants. When it comes to connecting to systems, PilotFish provides dozens of built-in connectors. If you need support for a connectivity protocol that is not included, users can add it using our Open API or .Net Bridge. 

5. Scripting & Coding

Why continue to be dependent solely on programmers for building interfaces? Open up your integration resource pool to non-developers who can do rapid interface configuration with a point, click, drag & drop environment for building, managing and maintaining interfaces. Our exclusive “Automated Assembly Line” structured approach, drop-down palettes with an available list of options, easy-to-fill-out configuration screens and a unique, codeless Data Mapper make even the most complex mappings easy to execute. There is no scripting to be learned or coding required. PilotFish offers a radically new approach to interface development with a modern architecture that mediates the differences between formats and communications protocols.  Our eiConsole IDE is self-documenting, so you are free from any dependency upon who built an interface. 

Clients capture huge productivity gains by implementing our many-to-one and one-to-many common model method of integration. Additionally, our product generates W3C-compliant XSLT under the covers, so you are no longer tied to a vendor. You can toggle between the graphical and XSLT modes, a capability that developers value highly as it is much faster to create end-to-end interfaces without requiring tedious parsing, scripting or hand-coding. Integrations, mappings and other PilotFish components are also reusable for even greater integration automation and productivity gains.

 “Fantastic partner and solution”

PilotFish Client Product Quote“The PilotFish suite of integration software tools and its consulting and services team has proven to be indispensable to the successful migration of our systems and implementation of our customers – the largest retail, transportation, pharmaceutical, healthcare, and financial service organizations in the world. The technical challenges were many and the timetable extremely short. Meanwhile requirements were constantly changing and evolving. The PilotFish team demonstrated there was no obstacle they could not overcome. They not only met all our deadlines, they did it with a level of competency and professionalism (and espirit de corps) that is extraordinarily rare to find. PilotFish has been a terrific technology partner.”


Vice President, Digital Innovation and Strategy

PilotFish’s products are architected to minimize complexity and yet be infinitely extensible and flexible. Our mission was to create the world’s easiest-to-use and most intuitive integration platform and we succeeded.

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