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Value Added Reseller Licenses

The PilotFish Interface Engine – The Perfect “Add-On” to Your Healthcare Solutions

This license allows you to resell licenses to use the PilotFish software if you provide additional complementary value (“Value Added”) to the End User. A few examples of Value Added include subject matter expertise, complementary products, pre-configured interfaces and process orchestrations, custom components and add-ons to the PilotFish software.

Value Added Reseller (VAR) licenses typically include the right to sell both Restricted and Unrestricted licenses to End Users.  If a VAR has their own application, equipment or device, they might start by selling Restricted licenses to their End Users, but later upgrade their End Users to an Unrestricted license. This will enable them to integrate anything with anything using the PilotFish solution.  Alternatively, consulting companies might sell Unrestricted licenses to enhance their value to their clients, particularly if their consulting involves integration.

The license fees are offered at a discount to VARs.  VARs may also charge additional fees to their clients for any add-ons to the PilotFish software that they have developed.

There are a variety of licensing options available to Value Added Resellers including:

  • On-demand License that includes Maintenance.  This license option is designed to complement an Elastic Computing Environment.  Hourly On-Demand license fees are based on machine resources actually used and billed in minimum increments of one minute.
  • One-time License plus Annual Maintenance for each deployed production instance of the eiPlatform.  License and Maintenance fees are based on the size (cores and gigabytes of memory) of each production server instance to which the PilotFish software is deployed.


  • Enhance your product and service portfolio to include integration and interoperability solutions; a rapidly expanding multibillion-dollar market.
  • Generate a higher return on investment for your organization and your clients.
  • Mitigate risk and help ensure on-time and on-budget delivery of strategic projects.
  • Build a reusable library of interfaces for common systems and scenarios that can be remarketed to future clients.

If you would like to engage in a discussion on becoming a Value Added Reseller and/or bundling our integration solutions with a product or service, call 813 864 8662 or click button.

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