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Exclusive X12 EDI Tools

X12 EDI Tools for Healthcare and HIPAA EDI Exclusively in the eiConsole

PilotFish’s eiConsole for X12 includes more X12 EDI specific functionality and tools for EDI transformation than any other product on the market. Out-of-the-box, PilotFish EDI middleware effortlessly handles HIPAA X12 data formats and rules, conversion to XML, output in any format, trading partner specific versions and requirements and any communication protocol.

Today, PilotFish’s eiConsole for X12 is being leveraged for HIPAA EDI data integration across healthcare – for claims processing, authorizations, benefit enrollments, eligibility requirements, acknowledgments, payment remittance, analytics, population health and more.

The PilotFish X12 EDI Integration Engine Solution offers fully-featured integrated components built into the eiConsole for X12’s exclusive graphical automated interface assembly line process and visual drag & drop Data Mapper. No coding or scripting is required. It is robustly architected with features, extensibility, scalability and performance you can count on.

Unlike our competitors, with PilotFish, there is no additional cost to access components or features.

EDI X12 Tools for Integration Video

EDI 837 Claims Processing Integration

PilotFish’s Built-In Components and Tools for Healthcare and HIPAA EDI

As a select distribution partner of X12 and with access to X12 standards artifacts, PilotFish is able to deliver the industry’s most robust solution for rapid and efficient parsing, mapping, validation and production of any X12 standards message. The eiConsole for X12 supports 5010 HIPAA (the current HIPAA-mandated EDI version) as well as 4010 HIPAA and non-HIPAA EDI.


X12 EDI Format Builder

Provides automatic processes to parse and read in any X12 EDI transactions

The eiConsole’s Format Builder loads a rich data dictionary for EDI transactions. The Format Builder includes field-level documentation and the friendly field names option. Source X12 EDI is validated while parsing.


X12 EDI Friendly Names Option

Provides human-readable names for “cryptic” EDI records and segments

With the eiConsole’s Friendly Name option, EDI elements can be augmented with human readable, descriptive names as outlined in the HIPAA implementation guides. The Friendly Names feature provides much-needed context when working with large EDI files or those with many repeating loops.


Lenient X12 EDI Parser

Easily consumes highly variable compliant and non-compliant X12 EDI

PilotFish’s powerful lenient X12 EDI Parser, an EDI transformation module, easily navigates the complexities and variability encountered in HIPAA X12 EDI transaction sets and sub-sets, trading partner variation and non-compliant EDI. The lenient parser can parse unknown segments and capture data for subsequent conversion and manipulation. The lenient X12 EDI Parser identifies, flags and/or fixes errors, incorrect values, incorrect segment and element usages, etc.


X12 EDI Inline Documentation

Saves time with inline documentation easy access and convenience

PilotFish’s eiConsole provides implementation-specific inline documentation and context to ease the mapping process. When selecting an EDI segment or element, the ‘Doc’ tab will provide notes relating to the meaning of that element. The ‘Codes’ tab will describe acceptable coded values for that element, as well as provide an additional description.


X12 EDI Looping Contexts

Inclusion of Looping Contexts aids and organizes EDI to XML and XML to EDI mapping

PilotFish’s eiConsole includes looping contexts as specified in the X12 EDI HIPAA implementation guides. These loops help to organize the XML that is produced, as well as provide a more complete representation of the EDI being transformed. This enhanced XML structure is also very helpful in mapping EDI-XML in PilotFish’s visual drag & drop Data Mapper.


SNIP Types 1-7 (SNIP Levels) Validation

Validates X12 messages during processing for structure and SNIP Types 1-7

Several parts of an EDI message can have problems that corrupt or invalidate the message’s contents. The EDI specification includes SNIP Types 1-7 (SNIP Levels) that define checks to make sure a given EDI message is EDI compliant and passes specific criteria for being well-formed. Validation of SNIP Types 1-7 (SNIP Levels) is handled by PilotFish’s stand-alone rules-driven EDI SNIP Validation Processor. PilotFish provides SNIP validation out-of-the-box for Types 1-3 and for Types 4-7 as an add-on.


X12 EDI Interface Reuse

Interface templates and vendor-specific samples speed up X12 EDI mapping

PilotFish’s eiConsole enables multiple patterns for reuse including: cloning & tweaking existing interfaces; utilizing a library of existing templates to select the closest to what is required for a new interface; using an existing interface as-is for multiple integration points and chaining “standard” interfaces with implementation-specific variants.


X12 EDI Inline Testing & Debugging

Enables testing at any stage in the transformation process

PilotFish’s inline graphical testing and debugging component allows users to test and debug directly from the eiConsole with no extra hardware as well as no “wait time” for compilation and deployment. Testing can be started or stopped at any stage. Test results and errors can be viewed at any stage. The eiConsole supports complete inline end-to-end integration testing of developed interfaces before deployment.


X12 EDI Data Mapper  

Enables toggle to XSLT view of mapping if desired

PilotFish’s X12 EDI Visual Data Mapper easily handles X12 EDI data mapping of any complexity and length with its unique triple-pane paradigm. Mapping remains graphically functional throughout.

The XSLT view in PilotFish’s X12 EDI Visual Data Mapper lets users work in XSLT (if and when desired) with changes made immediately available in the graphical view.


Rapid X12 EDI Implementations and New Customer Onboarding

PilotFish’s eiConsole for X12 EDI simplifies and streamlines EDI transformations and integration, automating repeatable tasks and significantly speeding up implementation and deployment. PilotFish implementations typically take a few weeks, not months upon months. Your X12 EDI default interfaces now usually can be configured and deployed in less than 30 minutes. Reuse of X12 EDI interfaces can be even quicker.

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X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute for more than 35 years, develops and maintains EDI standards and XML schemas.

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