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Product Training

Full Product Training Available On-Site or Remotely

At PilotFish, we understand that not every organization’s training requirements will be the same.

For those that want to do their own training, PilotFish offers the most extensive selection of documentation and the best training tutorials in the industry. Users of our software can utilize the PilotFish Products Online Resource Center. There they can start out with the basic tutorials and move on to the advanced modules.

The modular approach to our documentation allows users to focus on the skills that they need for their own use cases without having to learn everything about the software. Because the underlying technology of our data mapper is XSLT, users need only Google on the worldwide web to find a suitable reference.

For those who want traditional training, we offer that too. Typically, a full training program consists of 4-5 full days of classroom-style training, on-site. The program is designed to fit your team’s schedule. They will become proficient in developing, deploying and maintaining interfaces, independently.

Training and Your Use Case – Often we’ll pre-configure an interface using an organization’s specific use case and sample requirements as the basis of the training program. This allows trainees to work with actual, real-life examples of what they will be working with on the job. Through a combination of instruction, demonstrations, and exercises, participants master the art of building interfaces via the eiConsole for Healthcare.

IT Staff Fast Track – IT staff that are well-experienced in XML and XSLT can easily get up to speed on the product with a minimal amount of classroom training. By using PilotFish’s online training materials (documentation and tutorials), augmented with a few Webex sessions, they can quickly become experts.

Custom Curriculum – After installation and training, if desired, PilotFish can create a custom curriculum for your organization that documents your particular use cases and intended use of our software. By using our vast Online Resource Center, including our existing documentation and tutorial modules, and by creating Custom modules specifically for you, we can provide your teams with reference materials that are available 24/7 online. As you bring new team members on you’ll have everything at hand to get them trained and up to speed.

If you would like us to create a custom curriculum for your organization, please call us at 813 864 8662.

Ongoing Training – After classroom training, continuing educational training is recommended to supplement the initial training. This can be done remotely via Webex or with additional classroom training on site.

Advanced Training – For members of a project team who want to receive further training on the software, advanced training is available. It can be supported remotely via Webex or at the customer site in a classroom environment. Some of the specific areas for which training is available include:

  • Installing and/or upgrading the eiPlatform
  • Configuring specific Listeners and Transports
  • Configuring specific Processors
  • Using the File Specification Editor
  • Using the Data Mapper to create complex transformations
  • Building and maintaining schema extensions
  • Building and maintaining XPath rules for routing
  • Creating complex routes
  • Using open Application Program Interfaces (API’s)
  • Promoting interfaces to Development, Test and Production environments
  • Best practices for interface maintenance
  • Using the eiDashboard for monitoring interface activity, from high-level message orchestrations all the way to discrete operations

For more information please call us at 813 864 8662 or click the link below to email us.

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