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HL7 Interface Templates for Reuse

Unlock the Power of PilotFish HL7 Interface Reusability – Save Time, Money, and Resources

PilotFish was architected to make interface reusability fast and easy. With PilotFish’s built-in HL7 interface reusability, you save time, money and resources. You gain efficiency and achieve greater productivity immediately and in the long term.


Reuse of HL7 interfaces with PilotFish is as Simple as Clone, Tweak, Test and Go

With PilotFish’s Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line, every interface is built using the same 7-stage repeatable process. You’ll create your HL7 interfaces using pre-built configuration panels instead of coding. See the 10 Steps to Building an HL7 Interface Guide.

The entire HL7 standard is available in the Data Mapper. Data Mapping is performed via drag & drop and leverages pre-configured industry-specific support. Once a single configuration is created, it is added to an instantly reusable library of HL7 interface templates that quickly evolves to cover the majority of your needs.

PilotFish enables multiple patterns for reuse, including 1) cloning existing interfaces and tweaking them, 2) utilizing a library of existing templates to select the closest to what is required for a new interface and 3) using an existing interface as-is for multiple integration points and chaining “standard” interfaces with implementation-specific variants.


PilotFish HL7 Interface Reuse Slashes Implementation Timelines

With the foundation already in place, most of the implementation work is done with the reuse of HL7 interfaces and components. Non-developers often do up to 90% of the work as well.

Many clients create “Gold Standard” interfaces for specific use cases from which almost any other interface is quickly derived.

Additional benefits of the reuse of HL7 interfaces are achieving greater consistency and standards compliance.

A shared database of HL7 interfaces also prevents duplication across teams. Learn more about speeding up HL7 interface development via HL7 Interface Engine Features and the PilotFish eiConsole IDE.

PilotFish offers industry-specific functionality that is built into the eiConsole that includes explicit support for healthcare standards (HL7, FHIR, X12 EDI…) and features that make working with these standards easier and faster for technical professionals.

How to Map HL7 Messages in PilotFish eiConsole for Healthcare

HL7 Message Template Video Demo

Watch how rapidly you can build an interface using an HL7 interface template with the eiConsole IDE.

The eiConsole IDE is part of the PilotFish Interface Development Life Cycle – a complete system for building, maintaining, testing and deploying interfaces.

If you have any additional questions or require further assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer support team. Click on the button or jump into a chat.

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