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EDI X12 Case Studies

PilotFish EDI X12 Case Studies Show the Power Delivered by PilotFish EDI Solutions

PilotFish Middleware is being leveraged by payers, providers, software vendors, cloud services, exchanges and other entities using the X12 standard. With PilotFish EDI X12 solutions, the multitude of challenges in EDI X12 integration experienced by companies across healthcare are met and defeated with dispatch – legacy systems, broken processes, X12 data inherent variability, high volumes, new technologies, limited resources and more.

Browse through our PilotFish EDI X12 case studies. You’ll see how the flexibility and scalability architected into PilotFish’s integration engine solutions allows us to adapt to any environment or requirement and deliver every time. It also enables us to leverage new technologies to provide opportunities for greater operational efficiencies, gains in productivity and system performance.

PilotFish’s eiConsole for EDI X12 graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line process easily handles connecting Anything to Anything – including legacy systems and new technology that have been developed using different data models, designs or architecture. Going forward, reuse of interfaces is as simple as clone, tweak, test and go – a huge efficiency benefit.  PilotFish EDI solutions slash timelines for onboarding, implementations, updating and maintenance. With PilotFish software’s ease of use and automation, business users can do up to 90% of EDI X12 configuration work thus reducing reliance on developers and freeing IT resources.

Importantly, PilotFish supports every major healthcare standard and source – EDI, NCPDP, HL7, CDA, FHIR, XML and data sources outside of healthcare. The PilotFish eiPlatform is compatible with all major databases, operating systems, data formats and communication protocols. That means there is only one software product to learn and employ for any information exchange.  Across an organization, interfaces will be consistent, addressing any use case, with savings flowing to the bottom line.

We invite you to let us help you accelerate the benefits of EDI while meeting its challenges.

Benefit Enrollment & Claims Processing

834 EDI Integration Case Study - Benefit Enrollment & Claims Processing

Strategic use of data and analytics by this leading Third-Party Administrator (TPA) is critical to delivering value and innovation to its growing employer client base seeking new ways to manage rising healthcare costs and improve employee health. See how PilotFish’s Healthcare Integration Solutions and its eiConsole for EDI X12 provide a competitive edge. EDI 834 Integration >

Reporting & Analytics Integration

Big Data Analytics Integration Case Study - EDI X12

High performance delivered! With dominant position and market share in hospitals and practices throughout the United States, the client is focused on delivering a single source provider of financial, operational and quality metrics, coupled with proprietary, value-added analytical services. This massive big data integration challenge, a tough bake-off, and implementation proves the superiority of PilotFish Integration Engine Solutions. Delivering Higher-Quality Analytics in Less Time with Less Staff >

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Revenue Cycle Management Solutions Case Study

The client is a well-established clinical laboratory billing and collection company serving companies nationwide. The organization offers cloud-based solutions which enable their client laboratories to maximize profitability through optimization of the revenue cycle and reimbursement process. The client has had (and continues to enjoy) significant commercial interest in its services. However, many of its critical business processes remained manual. This intense requirement on human resources threatened to put a cap on their growth, due to an inability to keep up with demand. Read on to learn how the client leveraged PilotFish to initiate automation. Achieving Claim Entry and Processing, End-to-End, in 7 minutes >

Payer Claims Clearinghouse Integration & HIE

Payor Claims Clearinghouse & HIE Integration Case Study

Legacy system hangover, stressed resources and impatient customers are a cry for moving to a modern architecture and integration solution. Learn how a Healthcare Claims Clearinghouse and HIE challenged its new integration solution to re-engineer and transition its claims processing architecture in record time with no disruption to existing connections or increase in resources. A small internal team armed with the new tools and PilotFish support met every challenge. With newfound agility, the organization has responded efficiently to growth and increased transaction volumes. Lean, Lightweight Healthcare Integration Leverage at Work >

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