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Healthcare Integration’s Super Swiss Army Knife

PilotFish's Integration Platform is like a Swiss Army Knife

PilotFish continues to offer the most flexibility and broadest support of any product on the market – the super Swiss Army Knife for healthcare integration. We invite you to take a look at PilotFish’s Product Specifications Guide for its Interface Engine solution. The Guide provides a comprehensive list of PilotFish’s supported technologies and data formats. Specific features for major standards and connectivity protocol options are included as well as listings of the analytic, validation and testing components.

PilotFish provides support for virtually all healthcare data formats (over a dozen in all) including HL7 2.x, CCD/CCDA, and EDI as well as FHIR and JSON. In addition, we also have advanced support for NCPDP. With this broad format support, PilotFish offers organizations the ability to work with any data format they might encounter and use one integration solution for all implementations.

Extensive built-in support has always been a PilotFish strongpoint. Clients do not need to license additional modules, as support is included for new data formats, protocols and processors, etc. Over 100 processors that perform operations on the data stream are built-in, as are supported protocols that now exceed over 2 dozen. Among the supported protocols are AS2 and Cloud Storage – S3, Google & Azure.

Deployment options also include specific support of cloud-based implementations for AWS, GCE, & Azure. Docker Containerization is offered as an option as well.

System, platform and database agnostic, PilotFish integrates anything to anything. Download a FREE 90-Day Trial and experience the super Swiss Army Knife for healthcare integration in action.

Click on the image below to view the entire list of specifications in this easy reference guide.

Pilotfish Product Specification PDF

If you’re curious about the software features, free trial, or even a demo – we’re ready to answer any and all questions. Please call 813 864 8662 or click the button.

HL7 is the registered trademark of Health Level Seven International.

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