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PilotFish at HiMSS24 Healthcare IT Conference – Booth #5261

PilotFish Exhibits Their Integration Engine at HiMSS 2024 Healthcare IT Conference

PilotFish Revolutionary Integration with Advanced AI Support will be introduced at the Annual HiMSS24 Conference in Orlando, FL, March 12-14, 2024.

[Middletown, CT]–PilotFish, a leader in middleware solutions, is thrilled to announce the addition of AI integration capabilities to its product suite. These capabilities enable seamless connectivity between artificial intelligence and machine learning services across various platforms. This groundbreaking update allows businesses to leverage the full potential of AI and ML technologies and unlocks new possibilities for automation and efficiency.

In today’s digital environment, where AI and ML technologies are increasingly accessible via web APIs and local applications, integrating these disparate systems into cohesive workflows has been challenging. PilotFish’s latest enhancement addresses this challenge head-on by offering a robust solution for effectively integrating services like AWS Transcribe, AWS S3 and OpenAI’s natural language processing, among others.

One compelling application of PilotFish’s enhanced capabilities is the automated summarization of audio files. Through a meticulously designed process, audio recordings can be automatically transcribed, stored and summarized; PilotFish can streamline operations that previously required extensive manual effort. For instance, an audio recording of a meeting or patient encounter can be uploaded, then transcribed using AWS Transcribe, stored in AWS S3 and then summarized using OpenAI’s cutting-edge language models – all within PilotFish’s integrated environment.

This process begins with PilotFish’s ability to configure routes that automatically manage the data flow between different services – from uploading audio files for transcription to summarizing the transcribed text using advanced NLP models. The result is not just a transcript but a concise, easily digestible summary, saving valuable time and resources.

“PilotFish’s new AI integration capabilities are a game-changer for organizations looking to harness the power of AI and ML technologies without the burden of complex integration processes,” said Monika Vainius, Executive Vice President at PilotFish. “By simplifying the AI integration process, we’re not just enhancing productivity; we’re opening the door to innovative solutions previously out of reach of most organizations.”

With PilotFish’s enhanced AI integration capabilities, businesses can create more powerful, efficient, and innovative solutions by combining different AI services and technologies. This new capability is accomplished within the PilotFish product’s existing framework using custom Processors and by creating new Routes. PilotFish users have no new modules to learn. This update underscores PilotFish’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of its clients.

PilotFish will exhibit at the annual HiMSS exhibition in Orlando, Florida, from March 12 to 14 (Booth #5261) and demonstrate its new AI and ML capabilities. Visitors are encouraged to visit the booth for a live demo and to receive a complimentary PilotFish stuffed toy.

Please Contact Us for more information about PilotFish and its AI integration capabilities.

About PilotFish

PilotFish is a leading middleware solutions provider that facilitates the seamless integration of disparate systems and technologies. Focusing on innovation and excellence, PilotFish delivers solutions that enhance productivity, efficiency, and data connectivity for businesses across various industries.

PilotFish Booth Location in Exhibit Hall

HIMSS 2024 Exhibitor Healthcare IT Conference Booth Map


HIMSS 2024 Exhibitor Healthcare IT Conference Booth Map

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