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PilotFish to Showcase Premier Healthcare EDI Integration Solution at Becker’s Payer Issues Roundtable

PilotFish Exhibiting at the Payer Issue Roundtable in Chicago November 9-10 by Becker's Healthcare

Payer Issues Roundtable, November 9-10, 2023 / Swissotel Chicago

Middletown, CT – September 1, 2023 – Leading healthcare technology solutions provider, PilotFish, announces its participation in Becker’s Payer Issues Roundtable in November 2023. With over 500 elite executives in attendance, the event is a hub for insights into digital transformation, telehealth, cybersecurity and more in the healthcare space.

PilotFish will present its eiSuite EDI SNIP4+ solution, the definitive solution for healthcare EDI integration. This innovative suite aids healthcare organizations in seamlessly converting documents to XML, facilitating enhanced parsing, transformation, validation and most crucially, interoperability with an array of systems.

Key offerings and advantages of the eiSuite EDI SNIP4+ include:

  • Comprehensive Integration: Encompasses the entire spectrum of X12 EDI transaction sets for healthcare, supporting EDI sets like 270, 271, 835, 837, 999 and more.
  • Advanced Validation: Validations spanning SNIP Levels 1 through 7, supported by a hyper-speed EDI Validation Processor. Notably, SNIP Level 5 offers real-time validation against 49 healthcare external code sets, containing millions of individual codes.
  • Flexibility and Accuracy: By converting EDI documents into the XML format, healthcare entities experience improved parsing, effortless transformation, validation and superior compatibility with systems that back XML. The result = accurate EDI processing and a substantial reduction in costly errors.
  • Customized Validation Rules: With the PilotFish EDI SNIP validation processor, users can devise rules directly from the X12 documentation. Moreover, the solution can create additional rules tailored to specific SNIP 6 and 7 services and customer preferences.
  • User-Friendly Interface: The eiConsole for X12 EDI, the developers’ workstation, presents a straightforward interface for the Validation Processor configuration. Plus, an intuitive panel for users to establish validation rules.
  • Stay Updated and Compliant: PilotFish’s optional subscription ensures continuous updates and maintenance of external code sets. Alongside, a real-time operational overview of transaction processing, inclusive of dynamic reporting and data visualization.

Attendees of Becker’s Payer Issues Roundtable will get a firsthand look into how the PilotFish Solution Suite, built upon extensive X12 EDI experience, ensures optimal compliance while mitigating risks.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our state-of-the-art EDI integration solution to these executive leaders attending the Roundtable,” remarked Monika Vainius, Executive Vice President at PilotFish. “As the healthcare industry evolves, so do its challenges. With our eiSuite EDI SNIP4+, we aim to make this journey smoother, efficient and more reliable for all stakeholders.”

About PilotFish: Since 2001, PilotFish has dedicated itself to providing advanced healthcare solutions that integrate, share and manage data seamlessly across systems. With their profound expertise and groundbreaking solutions, PilotFish has become a trusted name in ensuring streamlined operations and optimal patient care for healthcare organizations globally.

Press Contact:
Monika Vainius
Executive Vice President


PilotFish Location – Booth 3F

PilotFish Booth 3F at Becker's Healthcare Payer Issues Conference

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