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Accelerate Interoperability in Healthcare

Removing Interoperability Roadblocks in Integration

Kick your integration roadblocks to the curb with PilotFish’s Hybrid Integration Platform. PilotFish provides an integrated suite of components, features and tools that address all obstacles to integration. PilotFish users have everything they need to be more productive and efficient as well as rapidly integrate systems, databases, equipment and services.

1. Manual Process

Huge productivity gains and improvements in data integrity can be achieved by automating processes. PilotFish’s Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line provides users with a proven step-by-step process to not just configure interfaces but to also build, manage and maintain them. More…

2. API Focus

Are you sure an API-led integration will address the majority of your B2B integration requirements? PilotFish includes built-in capabilities to handle any mix of API, X12 or other data formats in B2B integrations While extremely beneficial in certain integration scenarios, creating APIs and integrating with them requires programming expertise, more time and effort to implement and much more post-deployment maintenance. More…

3. HL7 & EDI Complexity

PilotFish software has been architected to support handling the nuances of any industry’s information exchange and with it, the semantics of its data and standards. More…

4. Non-Standard Formats

PilotFish provides out-of-the-box support for virtually every other data format you might encounter. You can accept data as Excel spreadsheets, PDFs, Word documents, email attachments, JSON, flat files, CSVs and others. More…

5. Scripting and Coding

Why continue to be dependent solely on programmers for building interfaces? Open up your integration resource pool to non-developers who can do rapid interface configuration with a point, click, drag & drop environment for building, managing and maintaining interfaces. More…

PilotFish Is the only interoperability solution you will ever need. Let us give you a custom demo. You’ll experience how PilotFish’s Graphical Automated Interface Assembly Line will speed up your implementations and remove your interoperability roadblocks.

For more information before the show, please call us at 813 864 8662 or click the button.


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