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DSS, Inc. Partners with PilotFish to Deliver Seamless EHR Interoperability, Fast

DSS Incorporated

JUNO BEACH, Fla. (March 1, 2018) — PRWeb â€” Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS Inc.), a leading provider of health information technology (HIT) solutions for federal, private and public healthcare organizations, announced a partnership with Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (APHI), the developer and distributor of the PilotFish Interface Engine solutions.

The partnership allows DSS to deliver a full suite of solutions for seamless interoperability in acute care, behavioral health and population health with its Juno EHR – which is built on the top-rated EHR in its class for usability by clinicians in large enterprises.

Juno EHR understands that clinicians are the heart of healthcare. Better patient outcomes rely largely on the effectiveness of the clinicians who care for them. Clinicians, in turn, rely heavily on the effectiveness of their EHR solution. Better patient care also is also heavily dependent on interoperability, especially given the importance of providing clinicians with patient information wherever and whenever they need it.

Through this partnership with PilotFish and its proven suite of integration solutions, DSS is now able to offer remarkably rapid integration and deliver interoperability immediately – underscoring its strong commitment to its clients across healthcare.

The PilotFish interface engine removes the technical barriers to interoperability. Its automated processes speed up the timeline for systems integration efforts, thus easing the strain that backlogs create on an overtaxed IT staff. The software’s ability to integrate “anything to anything” allows the clinician to be connected to the entire ecosystem of patient care.

 â€śAfter evaluation of many commercial offerings, we decided PilotFish offered the greatest flexibility and extensibility,” said Mark Byers, president and CEO of DSS, Inc. “Previously time-consuming data mapping and data transformations are being achieved in minutes with no coding or scripting. The ease-of-use of the PilotFish solution has truly slashed implementation timelines, allowing our team and our clients’ staff to realize highly visible benefits of interoperability in drastically reduced time.”

Configuration, rather than coding, allows PilotFish users at all levels to quickly graphically configure interfaces to and from any system, application, database, equipment or device.  The intuitive nature of the application allows less technical staff to complete much of the configuration work. Once an interface is implemented, it can typically be reused across similar implementations through a one-click cloning process with limited additional configuration. By utilizing PilotFish’s interface engine, the low-touch effort to produce and support interfaces accrues quickly to the benefit of healthcare providers, patients and the hospital or other healthcare organization.

“Lean in time and resource requirements, PilotFish’s integration solution suite allows healthcare organizations to leverage the strengths of their Juno EHR quickly and flexibly,” said Monika Vainius, executive vice president at Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. “We are excited to partner with a leader in healthcare whose philosophy and commitment to customers aligns with ours and whose innovative EHR solutions set an industry standard.”

Close collaboration with hospitals and health systems is a competitive advantage of Juno EHR. The DSS and PilotFish partnership amplifies that collaboration by accelerating the production of seamless interfaces and solutions that streamline workflows and reduce costs while enhancing patient care and safety.

About Document Storage Systems, Inc. (DSS, Inc.)
DSS is a leading software and services company that creates and delivers advanced health information technology (HIT) solutions. For more than 25 years, healthcare organizations have benefited from our technical integration expertise. DSS has extensive experience working with federal, private and public healthcare facilities to modernize their legacy systems and to improve efficiencies for clinical and administrative users through breakthrough technology. Recognized in Healthcare Informatics’ 2017 HCI 100 listing of top healthcare IT vendors.  For more information about DSS, visit DSS

About Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (APHI)
APHI is a subsidiary of PilotFish Technology, LLC. Founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, Conn. PilotFish develops middleware to enable the integration of disparate systems. APHI distributes PilotFish products directly to healthcare industry end users, solution providers and through select channel partners. Visit for more information.

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