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PilotFish to Exhibit at HiMSS 2020 in Orlando, Florida, March 9th-13th

PilotFish to Exhibit at HiMSS 2020 in Orlando

Live demos on the big screen will be given back to back every 10 minutes. Stop by Booth #7361 to see our graphical automated interface assembly line in action. Join the crowds wowed as PilotFish meets complex integration challenges in real-time. Gartner and HiMSS report impressive numbers for healthcare cloud migration in the last year and you’ll see PilotFish, back for its 9th year, showing off “cookie-cutter-easy” scalable migration to the cloud.

PilotFish’s Integration Solutions offer the technology roadmap to migrate your applications and data successfully to the cloud the first and every time. PilotFish is showcasing its new advances supporting Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure Cloud Computing (Azure), Google Cloud Engine (GCE) and more. PilotFish configurations also natively interact with services available from each – Amazon Simple Queue Service, Amazon Simple Notification Service, Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage and Azure File Storage.

PilotFish’s sophisticated architecture and innovations radically simplify how healthcare integration gets done. No matter how complex, integrations are handled each and every time by the same methodology – our graphical automated interface assembly line with our unique 3-pane visual, drag & drop Data Mapper. We continuously reinvest in our products and services for healthcare interoperability, designed to offer built-in infinite extensibility and flexibility.

Our new selectable HL7 Listener engine offers clients new message handing customization capabilities. HL7 support now extends to versions 2.7.1, 2.8, 2.8.1, 2.8.2. The new HL7 Validation Processor allows for delayed validations and customized routing flows, in order to check for and meet HL7 exchange partner message specifics. The result – greater data quality and saving on manual checks.

The PilotFish Hybrid Integration Platform meets any healthcare integration requirement – e.g., HL7 2.X, FHIR, CCDA, NCPDP, XML, Flat Files, CSV, JSON, HIPAA X12 EDI and Non-HIPAA X12 EDI. PilotFish supports all Non-HIPAA X12 EDI Supply Chain and other X12 transactions for clients across the healthcare ecosystem (hospitals, other provider environments, HIEs, TPAs, clearinghouses, manufacturers, suppliers, pharmacies and PBMS).

The new X12 EDI Validation Processor provides an automated “sanity check” handling for imperfect EDI messages. No more processing messages that clearly do not conform and impact data quality. PilotFish’s broad X12 EDI support extends to legacy HIPAA 4010 X12 EDI table data and schemas.

PilotFish is a complete integrated life cycle solution. No coding, no scripting required. Non-developers can do up to 90% of an organization’s healthcare integration work. We continually add ease-of-use tools, such as our new Configurable Inactivity Monitor, to Listeners for exception alerts. And with Pilotfish, there are no surprise extra costs for added components.

Be sure to stop by Booth #7361 – Live demos will be given back-to-back every 10 minutes and PilotFish representatives will also be on hand to discuss what PilotFish can do for you.  Be sure to come early to get one of the show’s best swags – the ever-popular and cute PilotFish stuffed fish toys. They go fast!

For more information before the show, please call us at 813 864 8662.

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