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API Automation Accelerated with PilotFish’s New API XL Functionality

HARTFORD, Conn.Aug. 21, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — PilotFish, a leader in integration engine solutions, announces its new novel API XL architecture which offers a simple means to encapsulate entire API-driven business processes.  API XL supports the conversational integration that most published APIs require.

The eiConsole’s API XL is an XML evaluation and execution system for making complex HTTP web calls. It is of special benefit when dealing with modern RESTful APIs and a long series of web calls need to be chained together in a sequence. It can also be used for any process involving HTTP calls.

The benefits of APIs are well recognized. APIs facilitate automation so computers rather than people can manage work. They allow accessing application components thus making the delivery of services and information more flexible. APIs allow content to be generated and published automatically so it can more easily be shared and distributed. They also facilitate easier integration by allowing content to be embedded from any site or application.

“The future of healthcare interoperability relies on API adoption. For developers who wish to exploit the benefits of APIs, PilotFish’s eiConsole for Healthcare integration engine’s built-in API XL functionality enables advanced RESTful API interaction and communication, including FHIR,” said Monika Vainius, EVP, PilotFish Technology. “It offers a powerful set of tools that can be used around the actual HTTP calls, such as flow control, iteration, conditional logic, exception handling, outputting data, etc. API XL also offers the user the ability to simply and effectively express any web call needed,” said Vainius.

The eiConsole, through its automated interface Assembly Line process, offers a graphical means to adeptly handle not only large batch-oriented data and HL7 2.x messaging, but the highly-conversational interactions with RESTful APIs, such as FHIR services.

API XL allows users to encapsulate entire, “chatty” API-driven business processes in a single, easily defined workflow step. To take a test drive of the eiConsole, download the 90-day Free Trial and view the API XL user guide.

About PilotFish

PilotFish Technology, LLC, founded in 2001 and based in Middletown, CT, develops integration engine solutions. Applied PilotFish Healthcare Integration, Inc. (APHI), a subsidiary of PilotFish Technology, provides products and services directly to the healthcare industry and through Value Added Resellers.

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