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X12 EDI FAQ Summary

X12 EDI Frequently Asked Questions

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is used across economic sectors and key business functions to support standardized electronic communications. Today, more than 300,000 organizations use the 300+ EDI defined transaction sets to conduct business. In healthcare, X12 EDI standards have been adopted with the aim of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the healthcare system.

General EDI 

What is X12 EDI? 

What is the X12 format? 

What is an EDI transaction? 

What is EDI parsing? 

What is EDI mapping? 


Healthcare EDI 

What is healthcare EDI? 

What is HIPAA EDI? 

What are healthcare EDI transactions? 

What are the HIPAA X12 transaction sets? 

What X12 EDI supply chain transactions are used in healthcare?


EDI Parsing and Validation

How are EDI X12 files validated? 

How do you map and validate EDI 837 claim transactions to a database using an integration engine? 

What tool parses EDI 837 and EDI 835 data to an SQL database? 

How do you build EDI 270 transactions? 

Can the eiConsole for X12 by PilotFish map EDI 837, EDI 278 and other transactions to FHIR resources? 


EDI Conversion and Integration

What application software converts XML to EDI and EDI to XML? 

What software handles both batch and real-time X12 EDI transaction processing? 

How can I integrate different data formats like HL7, EDI and FHIR into a database? 

How do you ingest X12 files and export them to a flat file? 


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