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Building EDI 837 Interface – Quick Tour


    Building an EDI 837 Claim Interface – Quick Tour

    This is our aggregation for analytics and reporting route. Here we’ve got several different data feeds – some HL7, some EDI, some FHIR and JSON – but we’ll be primarily dealing with our EDI feed.

    How this is assembled is we have our Source Systems on the left (think of each row as a place for getting data “from”). We have our Target Systems on the right. This is the place for sending data “to”. No matter which system it comes from or the data format, it moves through the same assembly line process as it is ingested, transformed, routed and finally sent to its final destination.

    So really quickly – this is our data mapper here. It’s our 3-pane graphical drag & drop mapping tool. The way this is assembled is that we have our Source format on the left. Since we’re dealing with EDI, we’ve got our EDI 837 XML here, where you can see all of our loops. And then, on our target side, we’ve got this little patient canonical XML structure that we’re hoping to produce. 

    So you basically drag & drop into the center pane to build your mapping, and you can use the tools palette at the top for more complex operations as needed. So it’s really just as simple as looking here where we’ve got our patient’s last name here, and we’ve just navigated through the tree to get our 2000 B, 2000 BA. So we get our NM 103, drag it into the pane, and then it’s ready to go. 

    So, let’s go ahead and look at it in testing mode. We’ll look at some real data flowing through. Here we’ll load up this EDI test that I have saved, and as I hit “go,” we’ll see the data move through the system – moving left to right through the stages. It’s really just that simple with the eiConsole

    As you can see – in just a few easy steps, we were able to ingest some data, transform it to XML, transform it into both database statements as well as into some JSON (a different file format) and then send them both onto their final destination systems.  

    Thank you for watching!

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    X12, chartered by the American National Standards Institute for more than 35 years, develops and maintains EDI standards and XML schemas.

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