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Automated Interface Assembly Line


    PilotFish Healthcare Integration Engine – eiConsole

    The Assembly Line has long been considered one of the greatest innovations of the 20th century. It shaped the industrial world so strongly that businesses that did not adopt the technology soon became extinct. Moreover, it was a critical factor in integrating the automobile into American society, as well as appliances and medical equipment.

    Now PilotFish does for Healthcare Integration what the Assembly Line did for manufacturing.

    Introducing the eiConsole for Healthcare – featuring the Automated Interface Assembly Line!

    Get ready for Lightning-Fast Interface Configuration!

    Get ready for the Power and Flexibility to Integrate Anything to Anything!

    The Route File Management window is where a new interface begins.

    • Enter a name to start a new route or interface.
    • Select edit route to begin configuring your interface.
    • Select the Source system stage. Name your source system. You can have as many as you like.
    • Select the Listener Stage. Choose a communications protocol from the drop-down menu. Over 40 different Listeners are included out-of-the-box. Next, fill out the simple configuration panel.
    • Select the Source Transform Stage. Name your new format.
    • Select the HL7 2.x or HL7 3.x transformation from the drop-down menu.
    • Select the HL7 version to expect. Then, check off the required fields.
    • Select the Route Stage. Choose the default All Targets Routing Rule. You can also configure transaction monitoring.
    • Select the target Transform Stage. Add a new format and enter a name. Configure the transformation panel and open the Data Mapper.
    • Click the Open Source format button and select the HL7 2.x Format Builder. Select the HL7 version to export. Check off any required fields. Read in your format. Click the Open Target button and select the SQLXML format builder. Fill in the select format panel. Read in the format. Drag & drop to build your mapping. Create even the most complex mappings. Do anything you can do programmatically via drag & drop. Swap between the graphical and code view seamlessly and in real-time. Name your mapping and save it.
    • Select the Transport Stage. Select a transmission protocol. Choose from 30+ Transports. Configure the Transport panel.
    • Select the Target Stage. Name your target system. You can have as many target systems as you like. Save your route.
    • Switch to the Inline Testing Mode. Start and stop your test at any time. View the data at every point along the way. Once you have completed testing, return to the Route File Management window. Finally, deploy your interface into production via drag & drop.

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