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Who Benefits from Implementing an eiPortal?

The eiPortal benefits any organization that offers a standard set of interfaces, file formats or Web services that need to be consumed by many data exchange customers including:

  • HIEs can utilize the eiPortal to mediate the transmission of electronic medical records between all of their providers.
  • Medical Labs can accept orders for medical tests from their customers and provide standardized order status and results.
  • State Agencies can conduct Meaningful Use certification for disease, immunization, and lab reporting for their hospitals and practices in real-time. They can also certify the conformance of these messages against national standards and their internal processing requirements.
  • Medical Device and Equipment Manufacturers who want to quickly integrate large numbers of customers can offer standard APIs to integrate with their products and then offer automated testing and validation of these messages.
  • Cloud-based Software Providers can enable standardized integration for their software offerings.
  • Payers can facilitate the implementation of claims, billing, and other financial transactions.

For an illustrated diagram of how the eiPortal works click here.

For a list of which organizations can benefit most from an eiPortal click here.

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