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EDI Conversion and Integration FAQ

EDI Conversion and Integration Questions

1. What application software converts XML to EDI and EDI to XML?

PilotFish eiConsole’s graphical drag & drop Data Mapper component. The Data Mapper is a graphical editor used to generate the XSLT transformations that transform the data format to any other data format. PilotFish provides a unique, robust triple-pane paradigm that supports mappings of any length and any complexity. Mapping remains graphically functional throughout.

Data Mapper – Drag & Drop

Data Mapper – Drag & Drop

2. What software handles both batch and real-time X12 EDI transaction processing?

PilotFish can be configured to handle both batch and real-time processing of X12 EDI over a multitude of different protocols.

3. How can I integrate different data formats like HL7, EDI and FHIR into a database?

Interface Engines integrate different data formats to target systems by transforming them into a common format and then routing the data into the database. Watch the PilotFish Data Analytics & Reporting Video to see this demonstrated.

HL7, EDI & FHIR Data Integration for Reporting & Analytics

HL7, EDI & FHIR Data Integration for Reporting & Analytics

4. How do you ingest X12 files and export them to a flat file?

PilotFish software supports an array of EDI ingestion methods including AS2, (S)FTP and local files. From there, the EDI messages can be parsed into a common format that can be converted to an XML or flat file format.

5. Can you process EDI and HL7 messages?

Yes, we can process EDI, HL7 and other data standards such as FHIR, JSON XML CCD/CDA, NCPDP, DICOM, flat files, fixed length files, PDF, CSV and more.

6. How can I transform data types from an Excel CSV to ASC X12 5010 EDI submissions through our clearinghouse and to payers?

The PilotFish platform can handle CSV to EDI transformations. These transactions can then be written to a database or sent to your clearinghouse or both. Watch this HL7 & EDI to DB/Web Services demo video for a quick demonstration.

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