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EDI Conversion and Integration FAQ

EDI Conversion and Integration Questions

1. What application software converts XML to EDI and EDI to XML?

PilotFish eiConsole’s graphical drag & drop Data Mapper component. The Data Mapper is a graphical editor used to generate the XSLT transformations that transform the data format to any other data format. PilotFish provides a unique, robust triple-pane paradigm that supports mappings of any length and any complexity. Mapping remains graphically functional throughout.

Data Mapper – Drag & Drop

Data Mapper – Drag & Drop

2. What software handles both batch and real-time X12 EDI transaction processing?

PilotFish can be configured to handle both batch and real-time processing of X12 EDI over a multitude of different protocols.

3. How can I integrate different data formats like HL7, EDI and FHIR into a database?

Interface Engines integrate different data formats to target systems by transforming them into a common format and then routing the data into the database. Watch the PilotFish Data Analytics & Reporting Video to see this demonstrated.

HL7, EDI & FHIR Data Integration for Reporting & Analytics

HL7, EDI & FHIR Data Integration for Reporting & Analytics

4. How do you ingest X12 files and export them to a flat file?

PilotFish software supports an array of EDI ingestion methods including AS2, (S)FTP and local files. From there, the EDI messages can be parsed into a common format that can be converted to an XML or flat file format.

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