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HL7 Interface Engine IDE Features

Build HL7 Interfaces Faster with the Only HL7 Interface Engine Featuring a “Self-Documenting” Assembly Line

The eiConsole for Healthcare is an HL7 Interface Engine IDE that facilitates building HL7 interfaces faster with its Assembly Line process. The Assembly Line process reduces the complexity of configuring interfaces and eliminates variations between them. Natively “Self Documenting” it also eliminates dependencies on who built an interface making maintenance simpler. The ease and simplicity of the eiConsole enables 80% of interface development to be done by business analysts fostering greater collaboration between them and development teams.

Managing the flow of data between disparate information systems and devices remains a critical issue faced by the entirety of the healthcare community. By partnering with PilotFish, Metro addresses this interoperability challenge by integrating a best-of-breed integration engine with an advanced technology solution to create a scalable, flexible and cost-effective solution tailored to our clients’ ever-changing needs.

Rob Sobie, Vice President of Healthcare Solutions at Metro.

HL7 Interface Engine
Figure 1 “Self-Documenting” Assembly Line

The eiConsole HL7 Interface Engine IDE lets you:

  • Benefit from virtually unlimited extensibility with the only commercially supported HL7 interface engine solution that lets you leverage open source components with open APIs
  • Breeze through data mapping with the only graphical, drag & drop “Universal” Data Mapper:
    • The only non-script driven HL7 interface engine product
    • Generates W3C compliant XSLT
    • Handles any data mapping, no matter how complex

Follow the “Assembly Line” to Quickly Configure HL7 Interfaces:

In PilotFish’s HL7 Interface Engine IDE, each interface is constructed from a common set of stages (including Listeners, Processors, Transformations, Routers and Transports). Drop down menus and simple configuration screens make it easy. All components are graphically configured with no programming.

HL7 Interface Engine IDE Assembly Line

Figure 2 Seven Stage Assembly Line (Click to enlarge image)

Our Drag & Drop Data Mapper is a Huge Leap from Cryptic Script-Driven and Cumbersome Line-Drawing Tools

While other interface engines offer an IDE for programming, the eiConsole HL7 Interface Engine IDE provides a true graphical IDE with the world’s only graphical, drag & drop, universal Data Mapper – user-friendly, yet powerful enough to accommodate ANY mapping, no matter how complex.

HL7 Interface Engine Data Mapper

Figure 3 Data Mapper 3-Pane Mapping

The Data Mapper provides users with a codeless, script-less, standards-based mechanism to map data between any two data representations. The exclusive 3-pane mapping approach allows even the most complex mapping rules to be represented graphically and managed through drag & drop. Learn about the Data Mapper’s HL7 features that boost productivity…

Outside the Data Mapper an HL7 transformation module, the Lenient HL7 Parser, allows the user to work with messages not strictly adherent to the HL7 standard.

Flexibly Manage Communication Channels

  • Use any connectivity protocol(s) including TCP/IP, batch files, web services and databases (the most connectivity options, 24, of any interface engine)
  • Intelligently route data between systems and/or organizations
  • Filter data content based on the recipient
  • Encrypt / decrypt sensitive data

Perform End-To-End Testing and Debugging Directly from Within the Developer’s Workstation

After the Assembly Line has been configured and the transformations created, the end-to-end process can be tested in the eiConsole’s embedded “Test Mode”. This graphical unit and integration testing feature allows testing and debugging directly from the developer’s workstation, with no extra hardware and no “wait time” for compilation and deployment. More on Testing Mode…

HL7 Interface Engine Graphical Test Mode

Figure 4 Test Mode

Deploy Your HL7 Interfaces with a Few Clicks

When the eiConsole Healthcare Interface Engine IDE is combined with the eiPlatform Healthcare Interface Engine, the developer has a complete Java framework for the high volume, secure, run-time processing of interfaces. Interfaces configured in the eiConsole Healthcare Interface Engine IDE can be deployed in minutes on the eiPlatform.

The eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE is part of the PilotFish Interface Development Life Cycle – a complete system for building, maintaining, testing, and deploying interfaces.

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