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eiPortal for Healthcare Integration

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A Self-Service, Automated Interface Testing, Validation and Customer Implementation Resource

Reduce the time and effort of customer implementations by 80% with the eiPortal. The eiPortal provides huge IT savings for HIEs, Medical Labs, Software Providers, State Agencies, Medical Device or Equipment Manufacturers and Payers that offer a standard set of interfaces, file formats, or web services for the benefit of consumption by many customers. Manual and resource intensive or inefficient, outmoded processes can be replaced by the eiPortal.

Interface Routing Diagram with the eiPortal for Testing, Validation & Simulation of Messages

Setting Up and Using the eiPortal

The eiPortal addresses every aspect of customer implementation from the distribution of interface requirements and the associated files to automated testing and validation of messages and simulated responses to inbound messages.

The eiPortal combines a rich, intuitive, web-based GUI with a cloud app that provides your customers with everything they need to configure, test and validate interfaces to your organization’s system including simulated responses to inbound messages.

With the eiPortal your staff:

  • No longer needs to individually send customers your implementation specifications and files. An online repository provides everything required to configure an interface to your system. Simply publish these to the eiPortal once, send customers the URL and you’re done.
  • No longer needs to individually desk-check sample data payloads. Automated validation replaces time-intensive and tedious desk checking by your staff.
  • No longer needs to field customer questions by email and phone. The eiPortal provides actionable error messages that tell your customers not just that a problem occurred, but also how to fix it.
  • No longer needs to spend hours tracking down why a customer’s message failed a test. The eiPortal displays a customer self-service log of messages that replaces manual troubleshooting by your staff.
  • No longer needs to hand-hold customers through implementations.

The eiPortal is fully automated to provide self-service integration with Help screens and Tutorials offering assistance every step of the way.

Proven, Flexible and Customizable

The eiPortal is powered by PilotFish’s proven technology used by Fortune 500 companies and Government. The eiPortal can be customized to meet the unique branding and validation, authentication and message certification needs of organizations. Further customization to support unique security and transmission protocols, reporting requirements, and endpoint system simulations are also available. The eiPortal for Healthcare Integration can be utilized by State Agencies that need to meet Federal Meaningful Use requirements. In as little as four weeks, you can be up and running.

For a Step-by-Step Guide to using the eiPortal click here.

For an illustrated diagram of how the eiPortal works click here.

For a list of which organizations can benefit most from an eiPortal click here.

Time-Savings, Automated Support, and 24/7 Access

  • Relieves your IT resources from repetitive communication and testing activities
  • Provides your customers with 24/7 automated support for testing and validation
  • Eliminates 80% of the time and effort required to interface with new customers

To find out more about how an eiPortal can help your organization leverage automation, self-service testing and validation please call us at 813 864 8662 or click the link below to email us.

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