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HL7 Differencing Engine


PilotFish HL7 Tools Easily Mediate Differences between HL7 2.x Messages

If you are doing HL7 integration no doubt you’ve faced HL7 integration challenges. Are you interfacing systems that use divergent implementations of HL7 messaging protocols?  Do you need to mediate the differences between various HL7 implementations? PilotFish has the solution.

The HL7 tool, included in the eiConsole, automatically generates a mapping between a “source” and “target” HL7 implementation.


Once a source (left column) and target (right column) have been loaded within the Data Mapper of the eiConsole, clicking the Differencing Engine button (highlighted above) activates the Differencing Engine processes.


A dialogue window appears (shown in the center of screen above) indicating “Adding the Target Sample Data as a Template”.

Using only a sample of the input and the output, the HL7 Differencing Engine will generate a functional transformation that preserves common segments, components and fields, and then highlights the remaining differences.


With the boilerplate mapping available and electronic gap analysis complete, users can now quickly and easily mediate the remaining differences. Shown above in green (in the center panel) are the remaining fields to be mapped.

The reduction in repetitive work and automation of the HL7 message comparison eliminates the bulk of the effort in these all-too-common HL7 integration tasks.

To watch a 2 minute demo click the image above

Go to HL7 Interface Engine Features to learn more about our HL7 Tools and the eiConsole for Healthcare IDE.

The eiConsole for Healthcare Interface Engine IDE and the Differencing Engine are part of the PilotFish Interface Development Life Cycle – a complete system for building, maintaining, testing and deploying interfaces.

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