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Healthcare Integration of Anything to Anything Using Any Industry or XML Standard

PilotFish’s suite of products and healthcare integration solutions let you easily integrate systems, applications, databases, devices, or equipment.

Put us through our paces and we’ll demonstrate that we are the easiest interface engine available to configure your interfaces and the fastest to implement. You’ll find low business risk and no-stress cost-justification.

The PilotFish product suite offers the advanced technology, flexibility and rapid interface development tools needed to effectively interface with the array of IT systems found in healthcare and to meet the evolving federal meaningful use mandates. Following an extensive evaluation of numerous commercial offerings we felt that PilotFish was the most synergistic with our own architecture and integration strategy and best overall value proposition.

Bob Moore, Director Software Solutions at InterMetro (Emerson Metro)

The PilotFish Healthcare Integration Solutions offer the eiPlatform Interface Engine (Java Runtime), eiConsole Healthcare Interface Engine IDE (Developer's Workstation), and eiPortal for Healthcare Integration (Automated Interface Distribution, Testing, & Validation), along with the PilotFish Interface Exchange (PIE) “App Store for Interfaces”.

Consider Interoperability Solved

We are confident that we can meet your goals, meaningful use requirements, and any benchmark in that PilotFish has:

  • Consistently won in Proof-of-Concept and use case tests
  • Proven easy to install in any environment
  • Demonstrated how clients’ products or services can be smoothly integrated using PilotFish’s Integration Solutions
  • Shown that business analysts and other non-technical staff can easily learn and use PilotFish integration solutions, as well as go on to apply them in new contexts
  • Excelled in execution in small and large projects
  • Been agile and quick to respond to client requests for adding product enhancements, new features, and required components
  • Established a perfect track record of on-time and on-budget deliveries

The PilotFish Healthcare Integration Solutions are future proof – scalable, reliable, and financially sustainable.

Easiest Interface Engine to Configure Interfaces ― Develop, Deploy, and Maintain Interfaces by Non-Technical Staff

The eiConsole Integrated Development Environment (IDE) consists of powerful components and feature-rich XML tools that can be leveraged WITHOUT requiring any programming or scripting. It employs a self-documenting Assembly Line, simple configuration screens, pull down menus and drag & drop data mapping to make interface configuration fast. The eiConsole is the easiest interface engine to use on the market today. We invite you to explore our answers to achieving healthcare data integration and interoperability to deliver patient care, measurable cost savings, or revenue generation.

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  • Configure interfaces following an Assembly Line
  • Map data using drag & drop (no scripting or coding)
  • Test end-to-end in graphical mode
  • Be more productive with exclusive HL7 features
  • Leverage an open API for maximum extensibility