Healthcare Integration -
Consider Interoperability Solved

Healthcare Integration of Anything to Anything Using Any Industry or XML Standard

PilotFish Healthcare Integration Solutions let you leverage Application Server Technology, Web Services and Industry XML Standards so you can easily integrate systems, applications, databases, devices, or equipment. Our Healthcare Integration Solutions are highly flexible, extensible and configurable. Need a component that is not included with our 75 processors, 25 format readers or 26 communication protocol adapters? Browse the web, and add it in using our Open API. You can expose both modern (web service) or legacy (file based) endpoints, manage large batch transmissions or high-volume, real-time transactions – it's all possible with our Java runtime and graphical IDE.

Rapid Healthcare Integration at Your Fingertips

PilotFish's Healthcare Integration solution consists of the eiPlatform runtime and the eiConsole for Healthcare developer's workstation. The eiConsole – HL7 interface engine offers a graphical Integrated Development Environment (IDE) designed for easily developing, deploying and maintaining interfaces. It makes interface configuration fast with a self-documenting Assembly Line, simple configuration screens, pull down menus and drag & drop data mapping. The eiConsole consists of powerful components and feature-rich XML tools that can be leveraged WITHOUT requiring any programming or scripting. It's the easiest interface engine to use on the planet! Download our FREE Trial and Take our 20 minute Test Drive to see if for yourself.

The unique architecture of the eiConsole also allows users to easily download, share, publish and distribute eiConsole interfaces on the PIE (PilotFish Interface Exchange), our "App Store" marketplace. There, eiConsole users can get a head start and find hundreds of interface templates and components, many of them free for download.

When combined with the eiPlatform runtime, the developer has a complete Java framework for the high volume, secure, run-time processing of interfaces developed using the eiConsole.

Organizations can also facilitate faster integration with their trading partners by leveraging the PilotFish eiPortal for Healthcare Integration. The eiPortal combines self-service distribution of interface requirements with automated validation and certification of trading partners' messages for standardizing initial and ongoing information exchange.

PilotFish Healthcare Integration Solutions – Consider Interoperability Solved

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The eiConsole for Healthcare the future-proof integration solution - configure your interfaces using an Assembly Line. Map data using drag & drop (no scripting or programming) and test in a graphical mode. Leverage exclusive HL7 features and an Open API for maximum extensibility. Free 90-day trial. Download and build a complete interface in just 20 minutes!